AlES: for the safety, occupational health and well-being of employees

In 2023, JSC "AlES" has set a goal for the implementation of the concept of "Vision Zero" ("Zero injuries"). Vision Zero is a qualitatively new approach to the organization of prevention, combining three areas – safety, occupational health and the well-being of workers at all levels of production.

Within the framework of the "Zero Injury" concept, the Chairman of the Management Board and the Directors of the production departments of AlES JSC publicly signed personal commitments in the field of Health&Safety, consisting of 7 golden rules.

The Vision Zero occupational safety management system is based on seven rules, the understanding and observance of which should lead to an increase in industrial safety and a reduction in injuries at all levels of production. AlES JSC has developed a Program for the implementation of the Vision Zero concept for 2023, which includes activities separately for each rule.

– It should be noted that certain measures to achieve the goals of the Vision Zero rules were implemented by AlES JSC in 2022 as part of the "Year of Safety", – said Karim Sartaev, Head of the Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection. – JSC "AlES" systematically carries out work on the prevention of hazards and risks. Registers of significant risks in the field of occupational health and safety are updated and revised annually in the Company.

Thanks to the "Safe Production" IS system implemented in JSC AlES, every employee registered in the system without any restrictions has the opportunity to enter detected violations in the event logs and defects in real time for their speedy elimination.

– According to the results of 2022, employees of the production departments of AlES JSC recorded 2,972 events and defects in the Safe Production system. All measures to eliminate them have been completed. The most active workers of working professions who submitted the largest number of reports of events and defects in a month were rewarded with cash payments from 2 to 10 MCI. In total, 41 workers of working professions were encouraged in 2022 for a total amount of 497 thousand tenge.

According to the Regulations approved by the Board of Directors of JSC "AlES" on the encouragement of employees for reporting dangerous factors, risks, incidents that did not lead to accidents in JSC "AlES" by the end of 2022, managers and specialists for each production department in the number of 7 employees were also rewarded with cash bonuses for the effective implementation of the safe production model, the largest number of identified and eliminated hazardous production factors.

Professional training and continuous training are the key to safe production. Ensuring the safe transportation of personnel is also an important task of JSC AlES and must be ensured by the availability of highly qualified driving personnel.

In order to improve the professional training of the Company's drivers engaged in the transportation/transportation of employees, 11 drivers of motor vehicles were trained in the course "Safe Driving" in December 2022. Driver training was organized at the Training Center of JSC "AlES" and according to its results, all drivers received certificates of successful completion of training.

"This is only a small part of the important work that the AlES JSC team will have to do to successfully implement the Vision Zero concept in 2023", said G.Autalipov, Managing Director for Labor Protection and Environmental Protection. – I believe that we will successfully cope with it, and in 2023 we will ensure a high level of safety of Vision Zero production at every workplace.