Our specialty is very scrupulous and responsible. You are one on one with a rotating mechanism...

Yergali Mamyrbekov, Head of the Laboratory of Regulation and Vibration of the Energoremont PRP, told about his work

In September 1991, I came to work at the Almaty CHP-2 as a crawler in the "G" watch, or rather, Serik Suinbekovich Tyutebaev brought me and recommended me. Whom we met at the MCC in 1987. We worked in the construction team of the Abai SPMC. Participated in the construction of houses and received apartments, the whole team settled in one entrance to the Taugul-1 mcd.

I still remember my first day at the station well. After the registration procedure, I received overalls and shoes from Nina Ivanovna Bruskova, a strict, but at the same time a kind-hearted woman. I received my first instructions from Serik Suinbekovich in his office of the head of the turbine shop. Leafing through his general notebook, where diagrams of pipelines and equipment of the turbine shop were drawn by hand, he explained how and where to start studying the entire thermal scheme of the turbine shop.

That's how I started to get to know the web of pipelines and equipment of the turbine shop of the station. The scheme began with raw water pipelines from the Talgar water pipeline mark – 12. And there were several such schemes, each one had to be passed from beginning to end, without missing even small drainage valves and air vents. All schemes had to be passed, as in an exam, to the machinist E. Doilido, or to the senior machinist A.Povetkin. Any missed drain valve or air vent is a re-passage of the entire circuit from the beginning, it is necessary to find, mark the missed valves, specify their exact locations, that is, on which row, on which axis and which mark.

Otherwise, there is no access to the following scheme. Thanks to such strict requirements, later, when working independently, it was easy to follow the instructions of machinists and shift supervisors such as Murat Sandybaev, Sergey Li. It was in my native watch "G" that my career in the Energy Industry began, from a crawler to a steam turbine driver.

In 1995, he was transferred to the master of the production site of the turbine workshop for the repair of rotating mechanisms. Under the guidance of an experienced specialist, mentor of the deputy head of the turbine shop Gennady Afanasyev, I worked for seven years.

In 2002, after the sudden death of Viktor Vasilyevich Bibikov, a balancer with a capital letter, I was offered to move to the Laboratory of Regulation and Vibration by Galym Sadvakasovich Zhanbyrshy, then director of the PME.

My new line of work as a load balancer has begun.

My mentors were experienced balancers like Rafail Abdraufovich Karimov, Vitaly Petrovich Chadov, with whom we are still in touch today, as well as Kanybek Alyonovich Mamyrbekov (namesake), and turbine repairman Nikolai Alexandrovich Mezentsev.

In the Laboratory of Regulation and Vibration, I have worked my way up from a Category 2 engineer to a supervisor since 2011. We serve almost all the production units of JSC AlES: B.Orazbayev CHPP-1, A.Zhakutov CHPP-2, CHPP-3, Kapshagayskaya HPP named after Sh.Chokin, Cascade hydroelectric power station. Every day, our specialists only at CHP-2 monitor more than 100 rotating mechanisms. We managed to create conditions and prepare a decent shift of load balancers.

Ergali Mymyrbekov is a competent specialist and manager. Created a friendly team where everyone helps each other. He is a reliable and responsive friend, always responsive, and ready to come to the rescue and support in a difficult moment. When applying, he never refuses anyone, but helps both in working moments and in vital personal matters. Sergey Lapin, Leading engineer of the Laboratory of Regulation and Vibration.

Our specialty is purely individual, requires professionalism and the ability to quickly make independent decisions in the most difficult situations. The balancing task is to eliminate the increased vibration of the rotor supports and reduce its dynamic deflection resulting from unbalance. Our specialty is very scrupulous and responsible. You are one on one with the mechanism. No one will tell you, they will only ask when you will do it. As a result of balancing, the quiet operation of the machine should be ensured at the nominal speed of rotation, as well as during starts and stops. I want to note that neither mechanism repeats the other. Each mechanism has its own character, it needs its own approach.

I have been working under the leadership of Yergali Seidrahimovich for almost 10 years. This is a wise and knowledgeable leader. Ergali-agha taught me a lot. I am very grateful to him for this. I wish my Teacher good health, long years and inexhaustible energy. Berik Konysbayev, Leading engineer of the Laboratory of Regulation and Vibration.

The complexity of a load balancer specialist requires continuous improvement of their professional knowledge. I've always worked and studied. He graduated from the technological college, then the Almaty Power Engineering Institute with a degree in thermal power engineering. I urge the younger generation of power engineers to study, constantly study schemes, and look for new solutions.

My hobbies have always been hiking in the mountains. We have conquered more than one of the nearest peaks (peaks of the Soviets, Tourist, Almaty), we have passed many trails. I also love football very much. Of course, with age less, but I still play in the city football team League 58+. As they say, movement is life.