Environmental actions will be held in JSC «AlES»: «Battery – a second life», «#Battlemaculature»

On January 9, 2023, AlES JSC launched traditional environmental actions. The eco-campaign "Battery – a second life" has been held in the company for the fourth year, and "#Battlemaculature" – for 5 years.

– Our eco-actions are not only the popularization of resource conservation, but also contribute to attracting all employees of the company to participate in corporate programs aimed at preserving the environment, – said Zoya Arzyukova, Chief Manager of the Environmental Protection Department.

Over the years of the campaign, the company's employees have collected more than 200 kg of used batteries and more than 40 tons of waste paper.

– It must be remembered that batteries and accumulators should never be thrown into garbage cans together with other municipal waste, – continued Saltanat Zhanakhmetova, chief specialist of the Environmental Protection Department. – Batteries pollute not only the soil, water and vegetation, but also, when they get to the landfill, they can ignite themselves and emit harmful substances into the atmospheric air. On each battery there is an icon with a crossed-out urn. It means that it is impossible to throw away used batteries! Only recycling will help solve the problem of improving the environment and human life,

Elena Silvestrova, Chief Specialist of the Environmental Protection Department, is responsible for eco-actions in the company.

– With an ever-growing population, resource reserves are decreasing, but the amount of waste is increasing, – said Elena. – Last year, ALES employees collected 51 kg of used batteries and 11 tons of waste paper. And this is our contribution to nature conservation! Everyone knows that much more resources are spent on paper production than can be replenished in the same time, and if you hand over waste paper as a secondary raw material, it will get a second life.

The participation of the company's employees in eco-actions is an opportunity to form the image of an environmentally oriented company that complies with international environmental standards for the sake of preserving the natural environment and human health.