CHPP-1 named after B.Orazbayev: the quiz «Battle of minds» was held

At the end of December 2022, an exciting quiz "Battle of Wits" took place at the station. The organizer of this event was the economist of the 1st category of the repair service Aizada Tleukhan.

– I am glad that my proposal was supported at the station. Our undertaking has become a small project so far. Such quizzes form the ability to work in teams, develop logical thinking. And most importantly, they unite young people to work in a team, Aizada Tleukhan shared.

Young employees of the station from all structural divisions took part in the game. All participants were divided into four teams.

The game was held in a quiz format, in which four teams confronted each other and answered questions from different fields of knowledge. The game consisted of three rounds, each themed:

1. The first round is the fight of the captains. In this round, team captains had to answer questions on various topics (energy, exact sciences, history, literature, etc.) within a minute

2. The second round ("Choose a cell" format) – there were 4 topics (energy, HSE, exact sciences, not energy), and there were 4 questions on each topic according to the level of difficulty (10, 20, 30, 40 points). The teams took turns selecting the cell and answering the question.

3. The third round consisted of one logical question. Whichever team answered faster and more accurately was awarded the ball.

The teams had to answer questions quickly and clearly within a certain time.

– I really liked the quiz. My team took the first place. There were many interesting and informative questions. There were questions about the history of the station, the operation of equipment, labor protection and other areas. For myself, I learned interesting facts from the history of the station, remembered theoretical materials. I hope that holding such quizzes will become a good tradition of the station, said Alisher Moldazhanov, Deputy head of the Production and Technical Department of CHP-1.


Didar Nurtaev, senior foreman of the production site of the boiler shop, participated in the quiz for the first time.

– I really liked the game, it was interesting and informative. Performing a creative task, I was able to show my creativity, ingenuity, logical thinking. Tasks allowed to show their knowledge in various fields, developed logic, broadened their horizons. I will be happy to take part in the next x contests, said Didar Nurtayev.

The quiz time passed unnoticed. The participants of the event answered questions with great passion and competed for prizes.


It was not easy for the jury to choose the winner. Aidabolova Arailym, Head of the Personnel Department, member of the jury:

– I really liked the quiz. She was fascinating. There were very interesting questions, on the one hand, developing the ability to work collectively, on the other hand, stimulating the manifestation of leadership qualities, feelings of healthy rivalry. Such games help to develop self-confidence, the ability to speak publicly, make decisions independently and take responsibility for the entire team. As a member of the jury, it was difficult for me to evaluate the guys. They all performed well.

The jury Mandibayeva Indira, an engineer of the logistics department added that the competition was very active, fun and lively. The guys showed themselves as professionals in their field and gave very correct answers.

The winners were awarded memorable prizes, and the team that took the first place received a monetary reward.