«Regular» night shift

For the "V" watch of the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2, the New Year passed without champagne

On New Year's Eve from December 31 to January 1, 78 employees of the station worked so that residents of Almaty and the region could watch the Irony of Fate in warmth and comfort from the TV screen and meet the long-awaited holiday.

Watch "B" took over the shift at 20:00 on the last day of the past year, and finished it already at 8 am on the first of January. Power engineers say that this night is practically no different from all the others. For them, this is always a responsible job in a special mode. The composition of the shift is standard – electricians, electricians, machinists, crawlers, laboratory assistants, shift supervisors of the station and workshops, i.e. operational personnel. If something very serious happens, the dispatcher notifies the management.

Our colleagues told us what happens on New Year's Eve at the station.

Kanat Zhakaev, Station shift supervisor:

– I am proud that my work gives people light and warmth. On New Year's Eve, our task is to fulfill the schedule of the released electrical and thermal energy set by the dispatcher. I don't count how many New Year's nights I've worked, but a lot in 30 years at the station. New Year is the brightest, most fun and most favorite holiday for me. We are not upset that we are working on New Year's Eve, our team is my second family. We congratulate each other, bring olivier and herring from home under a fur coat. But without champagne!

Karlygash Dauletbekova, electrician of the main control panel of the power plant, 5th category of the electrical shop:

– It was the first time I celebrated the New Year at work. This duty, I think, is both particularly responsible and usual according to the schedule. That night we put the generators for crimping, filled out the meter sheets for all connections, etc. A festive table was laid, naturally without forbidden drinks.

Rakhmatzhan Amutov, Shift supervisor of the boiler shop power plant:

– Working on New Year's Eve does not upset me at all, because my mother has a birthday on January 1. Our whole family gathered at her place, we always get a double holiday. At work, we all congratulated each other, called home. Everyone had a New Year's mood, but the shift took place in its own rhythm. Since I have been working at the station for more than a dozen years, I can say that these days a special enhanced mode of operation begins at the stations, which obliges all managers to draw up a duty schedule in advance.

Shapulat Berdibayev, Shift Supervisor of the turbine shop power plant:

– It was the ninth time I was on duty on New Year's Eve. And I'm not offended at all. It is very sad, in my opinion, to go to work in the morning on January 1. For me, the New Year is the beginning of the countdown in everything. You are always waiting for something new, bright surprises. Working on holidays for us is the same shift as on other days, only more responsibility.

Azamat Doskozhaev, engineer of the central thermal control panel for steam turbines, 6th category of the turbine shop:

– My job is to provide for my family. The opportunity to realize yourself and implement professional plans, communicate, feel needed and useful. My job is to sustainably withstand a given electrical and thermal load, to provide the city with uninterrupted heat and electricity. For six years of hard work at the station, this was the first duty on New Year's Eve. We met the holiday without incident, and worked a shift according to the regime. The advantages of such a duty are that you met the New Year in the circle of your colleagues who have become a second family. And the disadvantages, probably, are that I was away from my family. As a child, the New Year was my favorite holiday for me. There was always a strange feeling that something magical and joyful was going to happen. And now this holiday for me, first of all, is a responsibility to my children so that they believe in Santa Claus.

Ravil Anvarov, engineer of the central heat control panel for boilers, 7th category of the boiler shop:

– I work hard to invest a part of my labor for the benefit of the people. My job is to ensure the continuous production of hot steam for turbine units. On New Year's Eve, I have already been on duty more than once. And every year brings its own new emotions, because our watch is one family, so celebrating the New Year at work is interesting in its own way. The New Year's shift differs from other shifts in that on this day everyone is joyful with a New Year's mood...

One day, on one of the watches for the New Year, an interesting case occurred. At 00:00 we congratulated each other, and did not have time to shout Happy New Year, just at that moment we had an emergency on the boiler, and instead of a delicious table we had to run and fix the problems... Our watch has its own tradition, if the shift falls on New Year's Eve, then no one is asked to leave work. I wish in the coming year that everyone is appreciated in the workplace. May the New Year bring everyone health, happiness, success and lots of joy.

As a rule, New Year's duty is the usual work of the "B" watch without the presence of management at the station. Work for the New Year is a responsible thing: while everyone was relaxing festively, 78 employees of the operating personnel of the A.Zhakutov CHP-2 monitored the operation of turbine units, boilers and auxiliary equipment in order to detect the slightest deviations from the set parameters in time.