The «Samruk-Kazyna» Foundation held a meeting with employees of the Kapshagai HPP named after Sh.Chokina on IPO issues

On September 27, 2022, representatives of the «Samruk-Kazyna» Foundation held a meeting with employees of the Kapshagai HPP named after Sh.Chokina about the possibility of participating in the IPO program.

The experts familiarized the participants of the meeting with the implementation of the "Samruk-Kazyna" privatization program and the IPO of portfolio companies, including key information about the first IPO candidate - the company JSC NC "KazMunayGas". The organizers answered the questions of the participants of the meeting.

– I support the idea of the Head of State about the denationalization of the economy. Today we were informed about the possibilities of participating in the IPO of portfolio companies of the "Samruk-Kazyna" Fund. It was informative to hear about the mechanisms of IPO as an alternative source of income, said Elena Naumova, accountant of the Accounting Department, who has been working at the station for more than 6 years.

Representatives of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" noted that IPO is one of the most transparent ways to privatize national companies. At the same time, it is assumed that the main control over the companies after entering the stock exchange will remain with the state through the "Samruk-Kazyna" Fund. – We are employees of Kapshagai HPP named after Sh.Chokin today had the opportunity to get acquainted with the IPO program. I consider it very useful to conduct an information program in the form of a roadshow to improve the financial literacy of the company's employees, said Berikpol Kiakpayev, Deputy head of the Department for the Operation of Buildings and Hydraulic Structures.

Kanat Orymbek, an electronics engineer at the Electric Machine Shop of the station believes that after today's meeting he has a real opportunity to purchase shares of national companies. And the most important thing is to receive your own, albeit small, dividends as a second source of income.

– I have been working at Kapshagai HPP for more than 13 years. Today, having attended an information meeting to explain the IPO, I thought that this is also available to me, a simple employee of the Kapshagai HPP named after Sh.Chokina, – continued the electrician for the repair of electrical equipment of power plants of the 6th category of the Mamyrali Seitbek Electric Machine Shop.

Recall that informational and explanatory meetings with the population, employees of companies and employees of production facilities will be held in more than 60 cities across the country from September 16 to 30, 2022.

For reference: until 2025, 7 large assets of "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC will be partially withdrawn into the competitive environment, of which 6 will be through IPO. The IPO of "KazMunayGas" is planned for this year. The placement will take place on the AIX and KASE platforms.

You can learn more about the IPO and the Fund's privatization program as a whole on a specialized Internet resource