A.Zhakutov CHPP-2: farewell event for Lyubov Mikhailovna Khokhlova

On September 16, 2022, the team of A.Zhakutov CHP-2 spent to a well-deserved rest in connection with reaching retirement age Lyubov Mikhailovna Khokhlova, a pumping unit driver, 3rd category.

Lyubov Mikhailovna came to the station in the 70s. It was a special time, with its amazing spirit and unique romance. Then people were romantics.

The total work experience of Lyubov Mikhailovna is 43 years, of which the continuous work experience at the CHP-2 is 28 years.

– Then we almost didn't choose, we had to work, and I just came here to get a job. Then I liked the job and I stayed.

My first mentors were R. Raybayeva and V. Malimonov. I liked the stability of the work and our friendly team.

I wish the station uninterrupted functioning of power systems, new production achievements for the benefit of the country's energy industry, correct, wise, far-sighted decisions.