AlES: stories of women's success

In August 2022, the first meeting of the Women's Club was held at JSC "AlES". The position of the Women's Club, topics and schedule of meetings are presented for discussion.

In September, the second meeting of the women's club was held – an informal association of women, which included representatives of all departments of the company. One of the main goals is to unite the company's employees to strengthen the role of women and expand opportunities for women in the workplace. As well as discussing the problems of women's society in the workplace and developing rational solutions, and their implementation, contributing to the development of women's initiatives in the workplace, stimulating gender equality through effective planning.

The state and the company only benefit if there are more women's success stories. JSC "AlES" employs 628 women. There are 133 of them in leadership positions.

The September meeting was attended by more than 40 female employees – representatives of the company's production departments. Aliya Kadyrovna Ilyasova, an independent international expert on gender economics, was invited to the meeting of the club. She spoke about the gender policy in Kazakhstan and the problems of promoting equal opportunities. Further, Aigul Kurganbayeva, the company's press secretary, shared her knowledge and practical experience in planning. As a result, the club members outlined personal plans for work and self-development.

– The idea of women's space has been maturing for a long time. Here, representatives of the beautiful half share their experience, knowledge, abilities, and skills. I believe that every woman has talents and a gift. The club was created for live communication, acquaintance, exchange of experience and information, to create new and interesting projects, – said Daria Shayzhanova, Head of the Human Development Department of JSC "AlES".

Zhanar Sabikenova, Head of the Personnel Training Department, believes that the club's mission is to support and unlock the potential of each representative of the fair sex: "By creating a women's club, we are trying to unite the women of our company, providing them with additional opportunities for career and personal growth. In addition, the club pays great attention to the development of family values and traditions, the upbringing of children, self-development".

During the informal part of the event, an introductory tour of the B. Orazbayev CHP-1 was held for women.

– We plan to make the Club a platform for open communication of participants. We hope to implement events of various formats aimed at developing competencies and achieving a sustainable level of life balance," said Asel Arginbayeva, Managing Director for Economics and Finance. – We are sure that the members of the club will become more confident, active and proactive.

– Sometimes you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and suddenly there is an offer to visit a Women's club. I agreed without even thinking, and I am very happy that a Women's Club has appeared in my life! And along with him – beautiful girls, interesting interlocutors who are happy to come to our meetings in order to communicate, share their knowledge, their experience, their feminine energy. This is very valuable! I have already shared the information I received with my family, and we decided not to waste time and start working with the balance wheel from September. I am waiting for the continuation of the meetings, – Akpeyil Myrzagalikyzy, head of the logistics department of Kapshagai HPP named after shared her impressions Sh.Chokin.

Meetings of the club are planned to be held on an ongoing basis. All interested women of the company can take part in the events. The next meeting is scheduled for October at the site of A. Zhakutov CHP-2.