Safe production in action

During the realisation of the program, 9 employees received encouragement for reporting violations

Activities to ensure industrial safety in the workplace require the joint efforts of the entire team and the active involvement of each employee of JSC "AlES" in the work to identify and prevent violations of safety and labor protection.

To this end, 4 modules of the "Safe Production" information system were introduced in JSC "AlES" in 2021: a journal of defects and events, a leadership behavioral safety audit, production control and training control. The introduction of the modules has made it possible to increase the level of employee involvement in occupational safety and health issues by installing mobile applications on employees' smartphones. Representatives of "e-Capital" LLP organized training for key and end users of JSC "AlES" on the application of the "Safe Production" program in the work. Instructions for using the IS "Safe production" have been developed.

For active users from among the workers in the IP "Safe Production", "AlES" JSC provides measures of material encouragement. A regulation has been developed on encouraging employees for reporting dangerous factors, risks, incidents that did not lead to accidents in "AlES" JSC. The amount of a one-time incentive for working personnel is calculated from taking into account the number of registered violations from 6 and can range from 2 to 10 MCI. Since the beginning of the year, 9 employees of the PRE "Energoremont" and CHP-3 have received incentives in the amount of 47 thousand tenge.

Incentives for reporting dangerous factors, risks, incidents were issued to 6 employees of the CHP-3 in the amount of 29 thousand tenge, including Kuanysh Danarkulov, a machinist-crawler for boiler equipment of the boiler shop.

Kuanysh Danarkulov said that he was very glad to receive encouragement for reporting violations. My messages via the mobile application allow you to quickly take measures to eliminate violations and eliminate possible dangerous consequences for employees and equipment of the station. I urge all employees to actively identify and report dangerous factors and violations in the operation of equipment through the mobile application in the IP "Safe Production".

– The key goal of the implementation of the IP "Safe Production" is to register all potentially dangerous incidents, inconsistencies in the field of safety and labor protection. The mobile application allows each employee to register them in the module "Defect and Event Log" immediately after the detection of a dangerous factor or nonconformity. Automation of the process in the IP "Safe Production" allows responsible persons to take prompt measures to eliminate the identified hazards and inconsistencies", said Karim Sartaev, Head of the ISHSED of "AlES" JSC.