We have common goals and objectives. Together we are a force

This is the opinion of Serik Tymbasbayev, the leader of the AlES JSC trade union. In August 2022, he turned 60 years old

Serik Etekbayevich has passed a worthy path: he headed the A.Zhakutov CHP-2 trade union for 14 years, the last two years after the illness of Valery Sitdikov, chairman of the AlES JSC trade union, colleagues unanimously elected Serik Tymbasbayev to the post of new chairman.

Chairman of the NGO "Kazakhstan Branch Trade Union of Power Engineers" Orazbek Telbaevich Bekbas congratulated the hero of the day.

– Trade union work is not an easy job. This is direct work with people. The main task of the trade union is to take care of the person of labor and we carry out this work through joining the union and through the conclusion of a collective agreement," said Orazbek Telbayevich. – And this work is organized by trade union leaders. In this case, Serik Etekbaevich, as the chairman of the trade union of a large energy company JSC "AlES". It is both honorable and responsible to lead a trade union. Congratulating the leader of AlES on the anniversary, we pay tribute to the staff of a large organization of the metropolis. In the present, I wish to activate the work of the AlEC trade union organization. And this is in the hands of his supervisor.

Serik Tymbasbayev was awarded the title of Honorary Power Engineer of the KEA for his contribution to the work of the company's trade union.

– Serik Etekbaevich is a fair leader who strives to help people. He came to Almaty TPP-2 in March 2000. Thanks to his hard work, today he works as the chairman of our trade union. "Energy". I have great respect for Serik Etekbayevich as a competent specialist who treats his work with great responsibility and professionalism. He always stands for the protection of labor rights and legitimate interests of trade union members," Gulya Zhakayeva, chairman of the A.Zhakutov CHP-2 trade union, shared.

Gulnara Zhamanbolanova, chairman of the CHP-3 trade union, is sure that Serik Etekbayevich's organizational skills combined with the best human qualities were manifested when in 2021, when no one believed that the trade union would be able to open and work well in the Edelweiss children's health camp during the pandemic.

– First of all, our leader is a very kind person. I have never seen him with anyone to quarrel or swear," Gulnara Zhamanbolanova continued. – He always goes to a meeting. He always tries to support our proposals.

– We have common goals and objectives with the employer – to protect the rights of the employee and create decent working conditions. "Together we are a force!" – Serik Tymbasbayev believes.

Recall that the AlES trade union organization is one of the strongest in the country. The daily activities of the trade union of Almaty Electric Stations JSC to protect the rights of the company's employees have led to concrete results in literally all areas. This includes remuneration, transport, catering, the creation of proper living conditions, the formation of corporate culture, professional development of young professionals, assistance to veterans, health improvement of employees and their families, and many other issues. Today, the Almaty Electric Stations trade union unites 2,780 trade union members with a total number of 3,112 people working in AlES JSC.