AlES: a gift for first graders

120 backpacks with school supplies were presented to children of low-income and large families of employees of JSC "AlES"

On the holiday of Knowledge Day, the future power engineers were traditionally presented with gifts from the company.

According to Darkhan Kaketai, Managing Director for General Issues of JSC AlES, sincere attention to children from low-income and large families of employees strengthens the corporate spirit of the company. Perhaps some of the children will follow in the footsteps of their parents and in the future – they will want to devote their lives to energy.

One of the organizers of the "Road to School" campaign was Fariza Botakaraeva, chairman of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak" of JSC "AlES", a leading software engineer of the department of the PRP "Energoremont" of JSC "AlES". She, together with activists of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak", employees of JSC "AlES" and JSC "AZHK" from August 19 to 24, did a great job sorting and packing 12,000 backpacks with school supplies according to the project of the Fund "Samruk-Kazyna".

– I have been participating in charity events on behalf of AlES JSC for more than 10 years. In early August, JSC "Samruk-Energo" decided that the project "Road to School" will be implemented on the basis of JSC "AlES". Without the slightest hesitation, she agreed to help. I was sure that our activists would be happy to join this project. Later, the Center for Social Interaction and Communications at Samruk-Kazyna held a meeting with the leaders of Samruk-Kazyna portfolio companies on the implementation of the project. At the meeting it was decided that most of the assistance will be provided by the energy companies of Almaty, in particular JSC "AlES" and JSC "AZHK". From the very beginning to the end of the project, our guys were very active. I express my gratitude to Darkhan Kaketai, Managing Director for General Issues of AlES JSC, who provided great support on all organizational issues and to all the guys who participated in the project," Fariza Botakarayeva said.

Aizada Tleukhan, a process engineer at B.Orazbayev CHP-1, this action brought a sense of satisfaction and the importance of the work she was doing. She wants to be useful to society, and in the future she is ready to participate in such projects.

– Seeing my colleagues and friends who want to help with pure intentions, I discovered a desire to help others and myself first of all. The world is not without kind people, – Akerke Orazova, laboratory assistant of chemical analysis of B.Orazbayev CHP-1 shared.

Adil Abildaev, an electrician for the repair of equipment of the RZIA of the Western Thermal Complex, had his first experience of participating in such a large action. He believes that it is pleasant to do good deeds, and it is doubly pleasant for the children of the company's employees. For all the time he worked, he managed to get acquainted with guys from other enterprises.

– I am very glad that I worked as a volunteer. For seven days we worked together as one big family. I am a father of many children. My child was insanely happy when I brought him a backpack, which I collected with love. I am always happy to help and be useful," said Azamat Kosybak, a ZTC crawler driver.

One of the children of Darigul Karigulov, the engineer of the boilers of the ZTC, goes to the first class.

– My child goes to school with a briefcase donated by our company, – added Darigul Karigulov. – May our children have a brighter future! I am insanely happy that I was able to contribute. I have four children. Nothing compares to the smile of our children. I am glad that I could please not only the children of our country, but also my child.

Children are our future. The employees of JSC "AlES" hope that the work they have done will benefit the first-graders of the company's employees.