CHP-3: Retirement farewell of Dariha Yerkinovna Zhumabayeva

On August 12, 2022, the staff of CHP-3 farewelled Dariha Yerkinovna Zhumabayeva, a 3-category fuel weigher, fuel transport shop to a well-deserved rest in connection with the achievement of retirement age.

The total work experience is 41 years, of which the continuous work experience at CHP-3 is 9 years.

She began her career at the CHP-3 in 2003 as a weigher-receiver of fuel, fuel and transport shop. During the work in the fuel and transport shop. She proved to be an initiative worker, successfully coped with the tasks set. Working as a weigher-receiver of fuel, she mastered modern programs for receiving and weighing fuel. Always careful in working with documentation. Actively engaged in mentoring work. Colleagues in the shop say she has such qualities as wisdom, experience, knowledge and amazing efficiency.

The team of CHP-3 wishes Dariha Yerkinovna to spend every day bright, rich, interesting and get great pleasure from it! After all, you have given a lot to work. Now the golden time has come when you can fully devote yourself to your favorite things and rest.