Employees of JSC «AlES» took part in the «Road to School» campaign of the «Samruk-Kazyna» Foundation

12,000 backpacks were completed in JSC "AlES" and sent to the Fund's portfolio companies for distribution to children in 10 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

At B.Orazbayev CHP-1, before the start of the school year, employees of JSC "AlES" were able to promptly staff and send gifts to children for school.

"From the very first days of participating in the charity event, I was once again convinced that the employees of the entire Foundation are united by the desire to do something kind and bright. We, power engineers, have a lot of experience in participating in various kinds of charity events, which we hold quite often. I am glad that this year the Foundation centrally helps children in the region of presence to prepare for the new school year", – said Fariza Botakarayeva, Chairman of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak" of JSC "AlES".

The volunteers worked daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Center for Social Interaction and Communications organized a lunch for them in the dining room of the Almaty CHP-1.

"I voluntarily took part in this action, because doing good to children is the most pleasant thing in life. It is good that the Fund does not stay away from participating in such kind actions", – said Akylbek Ergaziev, an employee of the information Technology service department of Almaty CHP-1.

More than fifty people worked for five days. The circular conveyor system developed by the participants of the charity event themselves facilitated the processes of unpacking boxes and sorting items.

Five days later, 12,000 backpacks were completed and packed. The boxes with gifts were the first to be shipped to the western regions of the country, where most of the Fund's companies are concentrated and where more time is needed for delivery. The baton of kindness was picked up by employees and volunteers of portfolio companies already on the ground. They will have a troublesome but pleasant mission – to distribute gifts to the children themselves and their parents.

By September 1, each child received his long-awaited backpack, in which not only school supplies, but also a piece of the soul of the employees of JSC "Almaty Electric Stations" who took part in this kind action.

(the material is prepared on the basis of https://sknews.kz/news/view/12-tysyach-portfeley-dobraya-akciya-fonda-samruk-kazyna)