Good memories of summer

412 children had a rest in the health camp of power engineers "Edelweiss"

Children and employees of the company often recall joint meetings at the camp. I especially remember the event dedicated to the profession of an energy engineer, which was held by the workers of the B.Orazbayev CHPP-1 in the second season.

Aibek Shayakhmetov, head of the B.Orazbayev Thermal Power Plant-1, spoke about the peculiarities of the profession and the opportunities of women in the energy sector, about the commitment to equal opportunities in the energy sector. He introduced the guys in detail to the work of the workshops of the station, noted their importance in production.

– We hold such meetings every year. Every time we think about how to hold an event so that children better understand the profession of an energy engineer, Aibek Shayakhmetov shared. – This year we showed the children a short cartoon about the work of the CHP. Sometimes such cartoons can teach more than just speaking in words. The cartoon aroused keen interest not only among children, but also among adults. Everyone watched it in one breath.

Alexander Kan, a senior inspector of the SBiOT, has repeatedly come to the camp as an employee and as a parent. Alexander introduced the children to the skills of first aid to victims using the example of the "Goshi" robot simulator.

– I often remember the views of the camp's picturesque mountain landscape. We are always very warmly welcomed by children. The guys from little to big took an active part throughout the meeting. The guys and I tried to carry out resuscitation activities on the simulator. Everyone was very satisfied, – Alexander said.

Employees of the chemical workshop, process engineer Dorosheva Gulnara and laboratory assistant of the 4th category Orazova Akerke demonstrated the analysis of water for hardness and alkalinity. It was very interesting for children over the age of 12 to observe the change in the color of the water. Employees annually think over their performance in detail and this year they showed an experience with green fire, which is carried out with boric acid; an experience with sugar, where a pharaoh snake appears from sugar under heating. The children were delighted.

– For a whole year I dreamed about the camp, – Margarita Bazaleeva, Gulnara Dorosheva's daughter, shared her memories. – I had a rest at the camp last year. But this year I really liked it. And I stayed for two seasons, as she was delighted with the counselors. Altair and Timur are the counselors of the 5th squad, very attentive, caring and empathetic people. They always supported the guys in everything, came up with different games for us. I am very grateful to all the camp staff for such a rest.


The culmination of the meeting was a quiz conducted by Aizada Tleukhan, a technology engineer of the 1st category of the Central Research Institute. The quiz revealed the versatile knowledge of children in the field of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and the children also successfully answered logical questions.

– We prepare the quiz questions in advance, we think over each task. I am glad that the younger generation listened with interest and delight and answered questions, understanding the importance of the profession of an energy engineer, – said Aizada.

Children and employees of the company are waiting for new meetings next year.