CHPP-2 named after A. Zhakutova: the repair campaign is going according to plan

In August, the height of the repair campaign at the CHP-2, named after A. Zhakutova.

It began on the first of March 2022 with the current scheduled repair of boiler unit No.1 and turbine unit No.4.

– To date, out of eight boilers and six turbine units, the planned routine repairs of four power boilers and three turbine units have been completed, – said Abzal Zhakypbayev, Deputy Chief Engineer of the station. – Major repairs are being carried out on boiler units of station No.6, station No.7 and turbine unit of station No.3 with the replacement of the main elements, by the employees of the PRP "Energoremont" and the contractors involved. On the basis of the contractor organization of JSC "KRE", the rotor of the generator of station No.3 is being overhauled.

More than 50% of the repair work on the heating network equipment has already been carried out. The pumping park, pipelines, heat exchangers, etc. have been repaired.

Now it is planned to bring into planned routine repairs on boilers of stations No.4, 5, turbine unit of station No.2 and overhaul of turbine unit of station No.6, where work is planned to extend the park resource.

The repair company will be completed before the start of the heating season.