CHP-3: under the freshness of the fountain

The fountain at the station pleases the workers' eyes again. It was built in 1962-63 and operated until 1975. In 2017, they breathed life into the fountain again. Painstaking and thorough work was carried out to prepare the mechanism for launching the fountain. A new scheme of pipelines and water supply for circulation, etc. has been developed. By the forces of the personnel of the CHP-3, cracks were repaired, sprayers were replaced, and the adjacent territory was landscaped, benches were put up.

– This year, 20 carp and goldfish were launched into the fountain, which spawn 2-3 times a year. The largest fish reach 25 cm in length. By late autumn, there are up to 1,000 of them, – shared Sergey Barmin, chief engineer of CHP-3. – Two types of nifei have become new residents of the fountain this year: white and pink. For the winter of fish, we distribute fish to all willing workers.

Danil Gorbovsky, an electrician for the repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments of the power plant, took home nine fish for the winter last year:

– Over the winter, our fish have grown and we have returned them all to the fountain as adults, 10 cm in length. Caring for fish requires organization and care. In winter, we cleaned the aquarium every two weeks, bought special food. We also took special snails to clean the walls of the aquarium.

Sanat Zholdasbekov, engineer for calculations and modes: "I like our fountain. I think he has his own sound and mood. The space around it is filled with a special sound of water jets and a feeling of freshness. I often feed the fish".

Anel Saduakas, a metrology engineer, saw nifei for the first time: "These are beautiful water lilies in our fountain. They amaze with their beauty. I admire them almost every day! I watch them bloom".

The station employees will enjoy the freshness and coolness of the fountain until mid-October. Then the fish will be transferred to winter quarters, to a 250-liter aquarium located in the foyer of the main building of the CHP-3 and workshop aquariums.