Everyone was happy to share the peculiarities of their profession…

In mid-July 2022, a meeting of ZTC employees with children took place at the children's camp

In the first season of the children's health camp "Edelweiss", employees of the Western Thermal Complex held an event under the program "School ambassadors". The guys got acquainted with the activities of JSC "AlES", the profession and opportunities of women in the energy sector, about the commitment to equal opportunities in the energy sector.

All squads, children aged 7 to 16 years were invited to the meeting. The presentation aroused great interest among children, as it concerned the work of their closest people – parents. At home, they often heard their parents talk about their work and the guys had a little idea about the company where their parents work. And now they have the opportunity to get more closely acquainted with the activities of JSC "AlES".

Intense interest was aroused by the direct participation of the children in conducting experiments in determining the hardness of water. The experiments were conducted under the guidance of laboratory assistants of the chemical service of the ZTC Ainur Kurmanbekova and Yulia Bayanova. During the experiment, the employees focused on the use of personal protective equipment and the importance of compliance with safety regulations.

– After such meetings, the soul becomes light and warm. We were inspired from our little friends by their bright energy. This meeting was useful not only for children, but also for us, allowing us to once again feel proud of our work. We hope that they will remember this meeting and, perhaps, they will also connect their lives with Energy," Yulia Bayanova noted.

PTO engineer Aigerim Omarova told about the work of her department, as well as about her work, what kind of education she received and how interesting and responsible it is to work in the energy sector.

The girls showed that not only men, but also women work in the energy sector. They outlined the important role of women in the company's activities on the example of female employees of the ZTC who spoke.

The deputy head of the boiler shop Alfarabi Khalelov told the children about the activities of the ZTC. Using the example of Gosha's training dummy, he showed how to provide first aid. The children were directly involved in helping the victim. When the dummy program responded by showing a glowing heart that the actions were done correctly, the victim was revived, they were delighted.

Every day children are surrounded by dozens of people who perform their professional duties. Getting acquainted with this or that professional activity, the guys discover a lot of new things, expand their horizons. Seeing the interest of the children, the employees of the ZTC told in more detail about the features of the profession of Power Engineer.

At the meetings, the guys were able to consolidate their knowledge by repeating the information in an easy, entertaining way, answering questions. This meeting was no less interesting for ZTC employees than for children, because it emphasized the importance of their work. Everyone was happy to share the specifics of their profession, the children saw by a real example who can work in the energy sector. As the English proverb says: Example teaches more than instruction.

– The real recognition for us was the gratitude of the children, they were sincerely glad to meet us. This year, a very large number of children participated in the presentation, and it was joyful to note that they showed great interest. The guys lined up to take part in the experiments and provide first aid. The presentation time had to be extended so as not to offend our grateful audience. The children were happy to take pictures with us as a keepsake; they tried on helmets with the AlES logo. In memory of the meeting, each child received a colorful notebook, – said Ainur Temirbayeva, a leading engineer for personnel and training of the personnel sector of the ZTC.