Children's camp «Edelweiss»: bright, interesting, fun

More than 400 children will have a rest in the health camp of power engineers in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau at an altitude of 1 800m above sea level

There is a shift change in the children's wellness high-altitude camp "Edelweiss": the first 230 children descended from the mountains, and a new batch of vacationers stopped by for the second season. The camp is located in an ecologically clean area. As a pioneer camp, it has existed since the 70s of the last century. Over the past 12 years, Edelweiss has changed its location, now it is located 13 km from Almaty.

– The children's health resort is run by the union of power engineers. 70% of the cost of vouchers for the children of employees is compensated by the trade union of the company and JSC "Almaty Electric Stations". More than 400 children of the company's employees will have a rest on a preferential basis," said Serik Tymbasbayev, chairman of the NGO Energia trade union. – We were preparing in advance for the arrival of children. The buildings were repaired, everything was painted, whitewashed, new bedding, dishes, musical equipment and a walkie-talkie for employees were purchased. The staff was selected on a competitive basis.

Camp director Nargiz Tavbaeva has been working at the camp for the second year: "Our camp is like a beautiful mountain flower. Here is clean air, unforgettable nature. This year we have eight squads of kids. We are making every effort to ensure that the children of our employees have a pleasant and unforgettable experience".

Great importance in "Edelweiss" is given to the creative, athletic development of children. Games, quizzes, flash mobs, sports competitions, various contests and discos are held.

– This year we have an updated program. New activities have been added to the plan", continued Kalikhan Kalmuratov, senior camp counselor. – The guys have busy days. Every day is full of events and activities. Morning exercises, creative contests before lunch, sports events after lunch. And in the evening a separate program. We held contests "Find a counselor", "Mr. Edelweiss", "Miss Edelweiss", "Green Heel", etc. We try to make it fun, exciting and informative for children.

The "Total Theater" came to the camp with a special children's program.

Employees of the Western Thermal Complex held an event under the "School Ambassadors" program dedicated to the profession and opportunities of women in the energy sector.

– This camp is the best. The best counselors, administration, friends I will never forget. This is my second time here", Olya Shikhanova shared. – Our life is full of events. This year I became Miss Charm of the camp by winning the contest. I danced and sang. The girls from the squad supported me. I was very pleased. I have many kind and warm memories of the camp.

Veronika Mironenko and her friends performed in a talent show. And their team won: "We danced tango on a chair. We are very comfortable and interesting in the camp".

– This is my first time in the camp. I really like it here. I won the contest "The Voice of Edelweiss". The guys inspired me, after the performance, everyone went up on stage, hugged and congratulated me on my victory, Zhanzira Bekbolat continued.

Anya Nagibina has been at Edelweiss since 2013. At first she rested in the camp, now she has been working as a counselor for three years:

– I didn't plan to work at the camp this year. But when the children started writing to me, I couldn't resist, and here I am again. The camp for me is, first of all, emotions. When I saw the children running to me, hugging, sharing with me, I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy and happiness. I try to make our squad act as a single team. We participate in all events as a big friendly family.

More than one generation of children of power engineers connects good memories with the Edelweiss camp. There are whole dynasties: once not only parents were brought here as children, but also their grandparents. So last year 390 children visited here, and this year 415 children will rest here.