AlES Ombudsman: the main thing is the trust of employees

The Ombudsman has been working at AlES JSC since 2014. The main functions of the Ombudsman are to collect information on non-compliance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct, to consult employees on the provisions of the Code, to initiate consideration of disputes on violation of the provisions of the Code and to participate in their settlement.

From April 1 to June 30, 2022, the Ombudsman conducted internal training on the provisions and principles of the Code of Conduct for employees in order to develop skills and competencies regarding ethical procedures and principles.

The training was conducted with the departure of the Ombudsman to the production departments in accordance with the approved schedule.

– Ethical standards act as a regulator of relations in the team, which will contribute to the successful operation of the company, – said Yerbol Sasykov, Ombudsman of JSC AlES. – Therefore, we focused on the basic ethical principles of behavior that are common to all subsidiaries of the Samruk-Energo Group of companies.

The Ombudsman stressed that the Code of Conduct of AlES JSC is based on the company's "philosophy", formulated in its mission, corporate values and principles. These ideas define patterns of behavior that all AlES employees should be guided by.

Employees received a detailed set of ethical criteria for actions and decisions taken by them in the performance of their official duties. Explanations were given on the procedure for resolving individual labor disputes.

After the training, the Ombudsman went through the departments' workshops to accept appeals and questions on the content of the provisions of the Code of Conduct for employees in the field. All employees who have applied to the Ombudsman are guaranteed confidentiality, anonymity and protection of the interests of the sender's identity. Employees can ask questions of interest to them, get advice.

From the very beginning, the task of the Ombudsman was to explain why, when and how to contact the Ombudsman. The company has a "hotline". Employees can contact the Ombudsman directly, by the helpline +7 (7272) 27 70 80, and by e-mail, as well as for receiving written appeals, each department has a box for receiving complaints, appeals and applications.

Following the meetings, the company's employees noted the high importance of the Ombudsman's work at work.