AlES: a new collective agreement has been adopted

"AlES" JSC has concluded a collective agreement for 2022-2025. This is the seventh collective agreement in the new edition since the beginning of the company's activities. The collective agreement of JSC "AlES" was twice marked as one of the best in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2015, he became a laureate in the nomination "The best collective agreement among large business entities" of the contest "Paryz-2015". In 2020, the company received Letters of Thanks from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Akimat of Almaty based on the results of the "Paryz-2020" competition.

– A collective agreement is a legal act regulating social and labor relations in an organization, – said Daria Shayzhanova, Head of Human Resources Management. – The social partnership document was developed, agreed upon and concluded as a result of the intensive work of the bilateral commission established in March 2022. The commission on a parity basis included representatives of Employees (eight chairmen of Trade Union committees of the company's structural divisions) and representatives of the Employer (eight managers in areas of activity headed by the Chairman of the Management Board). The document is the basis for all concluded employment contracts with employees of the company.

Proposals for making changes were initially formed at the level of production teams in the structural divisions of JSC "AlES". Then the chairmen of the trade union committees of the departments submitted these proposals for consideration by a bilateral commission formed from the employer by the order of the Chairman of the Management Board and from the employees by the decision of the executive committee of the trade union "Energia". Five meetings were held. Four working groups, where coordination, discussion, clarification, adjustments, and consideration of financial opportunities for the implementation of certain proposals took place. As a result of this painstaking work, the parties came to a consensus and concluded a Collective Agreement at the fifth meeting.

When preparing proposals for amendments and additions to the previous version of the Collective Agreement, the parties were guided by both the basic principles of the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the instruction of the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" on the revision of the social package of employees towards improvement and the conclusion of Collective agreements (paragraphs 2 and 3 of the "Comprehensive Plan for Ensuring Social Stability in the Group of Companies JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" for 2022", approved on February 25, 2022 No.9-r).

The collective agreement covers all sides of social and labor relations: working hours and rest time, labor remuneration, employment, labor protection, corporate payments and compensation, rights, obligations, mutual guarantees and the basis of cooperation between the parties to the social partnership.

– For collegial consideration of changes and additions, 13 proposals were sent from the staff of the Western Thermal Complex, – shared Altynai Ongarbayeva, chairman of the trade union of the ZTC. – One of the proposals was to increase the length of service coefficients for calculating one-time remuneration for years of service. This proposal was accepted, which was very pleasant for us, the employees of the ZTC. The company is particularly interested in career growth of personnel – now employees with continuous experience in the energy sector up to 5 years have increased the seniority coefficient from 0.4 to 0.6, up to 10 years – from 0.7 to 0.8, respectively. And the company also showed a reverent attitude to the personnel who have devoted more than 30 years to the energy industry, increasing the coefficient to 2.4. This is a good motivation, and most importantly, we see that the leaders hear us and are ready to meet us. We are proud of our Collective Agreement, it gets better every time and really protects and stimulates the employees of AlES!

In the "Collective Agreement of Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC for 2022-2025", the amount of a one-time allowance for health improvement has been increased by 19.3% and the size of the seniority coefficients for calculating one-time remuneration for years of service has been increased.

– Currently, the policy of the hearing state is being implemented in the country, the actions of the employer and the trade union organization to improve working conditions, social support of employees, clearly prove the implementation of this policy in JSC "AlES". In the second quarter of this year, at the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2, as well as at other departments, work was carried out to survey employees regarding changes and additions to the collective agreement, – said Bakytzhan Toksharayev, head of the economic Department of the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2. – Most of the proposals were considered by the bilateral commission and taken into account in the new edition. The staff of the station expresses gratitude to the trade union and the employer for the changes and additions made. Separately, I would like to note that, taking into account the hard physical and mental work of power engineers, in order to improve the state of health, it was decided to increase the amount of one-time financial assistance for recovery from 4 MCI to 90 MCI. This change guarantees an annual increase in the amount of payment, as it is tied to the MCI.

The new document preserves and increases the amount of employee support payments, including in the form of lump-sum payments in connection with important events (the birth of a child, rewarding employees and pensioners).

– I worked in the commission of the production department and I am very glad that our proposals were accepted, – said Irina Mezhevskaya, a technician of the 1st category of the A.Zhakutov CHP-2. – I would especially like to highlight the changes in terms of financial assistance for the birth of a child. Previously, they gave one salary. In the new Collective Agreement, 100 MCI is fixed for the birth of a child, regardless of whether you are the head of the shop, a deputy, or just a worker. After all, all children are born the same, regardless of the parent's salary. This change particularly pleased the workers, since for most of them the amount of financial assistance has been increased. In addition, this corresponds to the unity of the provision of financial material assistance and its fair distribution. In addition, if the child's father, for example, works in a turbine shop, and the mother in a chemical workshop, then both parents receive financial assistance. Our staff is pleased with the new Collective Agreement.

The new version of the collective agreement establishes the rights to include in the lists of pensioners of JSC AlES employees who were previously dismissed for health reasons (including disability) and who subsequently did not receive income from labor or entrepreneurial activity until they reached retirement age.

– I am grateful to our trade unions and the employer for introducing an additional clause fixing the employer's social obligations to employees who were previously dismissed for health reasons, including disability, – continued Raushan Imanbayeva, compressor of the boiler shop of CHPP-3 Imanbayeva. – Besides, we don't forget our pensioners. According to the collective agreement, it is planned to increase the amount of incentives for pensioners by the Day of the Power Engineer by an average of 133.4%.

Tatyana Makatova, an employee of the chemical shop of CHP-3, was very impressed by the addition to the regulations on employee vacations. Now up to three working days are provided for screening tests during the year, previously there were calendar days, you had to take a vacation. Even for women, when registering for medical registration for pregnancy up to 12 weeks, they also give at least three calendar days of leave. These are very important additions to the Collective Agreement, in my opinion.

The new edition of the Collective Agreement increases the amount of bonuses based on the results of the professional skill contests "The best by profession" and "The best organization of work on labor protection among the production departments of JSC "AlES".

– The "Norms for the issuance of special clothing and other personal protective equipment to employees of JSC "AlES" have also been supplemented for 21 positions in terms of clarifications and extensions of the nomenclature for providing Employees with special clothing, shoes and other personal protective equipment, as well as the established terms of their use, – said Karim Sartaev, head of the Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection.

Irina Mezhevskaya added that she, as a technician, is now also included in the nomenclature for getting work clothes and is very happy about it. And the personnel of turbine and boiler shops working in difficult conditions will receive overalls and shoes not once a year, but twice a year. Insulators for thermal insulation will be additionally issued insulated jackets for work in winter conditions. Suits with protection against thermal risks and electric arcs will be received by employees of electrical workshops once every two years, and not once every three years, as it was previously provided. And the movers of the fuel and transport shop of the CHP-2 will be given excess rubberized suits for carrying out hydraulic harvesting on belt conveyors, which was not the case before.

– We are glad that we will be provided with additional insulated underwear to work in winter conditions, – added Sergey Subbotin, a motorist of the spillway of the HPP-1-BAO Cascade of the HPP.

The collective agreement is the basis for the protection of social and labor rights of employees. The collective Agreement of JSC AlES for 2022-2025 entered into force on June 1, 2022 with a validity period until May 31, 2025.