Kapshagayskaya HPP named after Sh.Chokina: the repair company is in full swing

In 2022, repairs of the main and auxiliary equipment are carried out on time

Since the end of January, the repair campaign of Kapshagai HPP named after has officially started Sh.Chokin.

Current repairs of hydraulic units GA-1, GA-2, GA-3 and major repairs of GA-4 were carried out by trained and certified maintenance personnel of the Electric Machine Shop, as well as personnel of the Electrotechnical Laboratory, according to the approved schedule of repairs of the main equipment. Repairs were carried out in an economic way according to the standard nomenclature.

– There were no extensions of the repair terms, since the damage and destruction of the metal lining of the flow part of the hydraulic units were minimal. In terms of repairs of hydraulic units, on the block with them power transformers T-1, T-3, T-4 in adsorbent filters, silica gel was replaced with a new one, – said Alexander Miroshnichenko, deputy head of the electric machine shop Kapshagayskaya HPP named after Sh.Chokin.

It should be noted that despite the solid service life of the equipment – more than 50 years since 1970, the potential laid down by designers and manufacturers allows it to be used with good technical and economic indicators today.

Planned routine repairs of the general station and auxiliary equipment are ahead of us.

Also, in a contract way, it is planned to repair the concrete surface of the inlet heads of hydraulic units No.1-No.4 on the upstream, repair of the separation bulls of the outlet heads of hydraulic units No.1-No.4 from the downstream side.

Repair of the soft roof of the HPP building, the installation site, the site of the dischargers, thyristor rooms and the soft roof of the building production office building.

Have a good repair campaign for everyone!