ZTC is my life, it's my heart…

This is how ZTC employees speak about their company

On June 25, 2022, the staff of the Western Thermal Complex celebrated its half-century anniversary. The total installed thermal capacity of the ZTC is 1100 Gcal/hour, for the steam part – 20 Gcal/ hour. The heating main supplies heat to more than 1,000 hundred apartment buildings in Almaty.

The ZTC team was congratulated by many guests. Veterans of the enterprise and colleagues in professional activity were invited to the event. At the solemn event, the procedure for awarding the most distinguished employees took place. The title of Energy Veteran of the Kazakhstan Electric Power Association was awarded to the ex-shift supervisor of the operation group Vasily Kubarev. Honored Power Engineer of "KEA" – to the shift supervisor of the operation group Vladimir Pirozhkov. The Certificate of Honor of the Kazakhstan Electric Power Association was received by Ainur Temirbayeva, Chief specialist of the personnel sector, the Certificate of Honor of "Samruk-Energo" JSC was awarded to Dinmukhamed Klyukov, master of the electrical shop. Tatiana Tosik, a leading engineer of the Production and technical Department, was awarded a letter of thanks to JSC "Samruk-Energo". Nine more employees were awarded diplomas and commendations of JSC "AlES".

Then the former managing directors of the ZTC spoke: Zhumagali Satylganovich Ormambekov, who worked as a manager for 13 years, Erbol Abylkasymovich Sasykov, who headed the complex for five years. They wished the ZTC further reliable and trouble-free work, and the company's staff – health and well-being. Ex-Chief Engineer Vladimir Alexandrovich Albrecht shared his memories when he stood at the origins of the formation of the ZTC, how together they carried out a lot of work on the expansion of the ZTC. He wished the power engineers an easy job.

Aliaskar Medenov, head of the boiler shop, is glad that he works in a cohesive, organized, competent team.

– We always help each other. We have a wonderful team, – said Adil Amanbekov, a mechanic for servicing equipment of power plants of the boiler shop – Today we met our veteran colleagues. We were very glad to see them again.

– We have a feeling of a single family on the ZTC. It was when I came to work in the deaerator 22 years ago, and this tradition continues to this day despite the fact that the staff of the complex has become much younger, – added Tatiana Toshik.

Fedor Kislykh, a locksmith for the maintenance of underground heat pipelines and structures of heating networks of the boiler shop, has worked for 40 years at the ZTC. He believes that the most important thing for the company is that despite all the difficulties and difficult situations, the team copes with its work and withstands the load that the ZTC sets.

– Today we celebrated our modest work, – continued Zina Sagimbayeva, the machinist of pumping units of the boiler shop. – We are very pleased that our work is appreciated and respected.

Nadezhda Mishchenko, ZTC accountant, loves ZTC very much. She believes that ZTC is her life, her heart.

Congratulations to all ZTC employees on the golden anniversary. We wish you fruitful and trouble-free work.