An expert in his field, intelligent, decent, educated…

This is how colleagues speak about Sergey Vladimirovich Popov, Deputy Chief Engineer of the ZTC

In the jubilee year for the Western Thermal Complex, we continue to talk about the people who work here.

Sergey Vladimirovich Popov began his career in the power system of Almaty in 1993 with the duty electrician of the BZTK (Tanks of the Western Thermal Complex). Then he worked as a shift foreman. Later, this division was transferred to the Almaty CHPP-2 as a Fuel oil shop.

Since 1998, Sergey Vladimirovich has been working as deputy head of the Novo-Zapadnaya Boiler House (NZK), and in 2000 he became its head as part of the ZTC.

– Since childhood I dreamed of being a sailor, but it has remained a dream, – recalls Sergey Vladimirovich. After school, I entered the energy institute, because I thought that people will always need energy.

My mentors in the production were Viktor Vasilyevich Sirobaba, head of the boiler shop of the NPC, Vladimir Alexandrovich Albrecht, Chief Engineer of the ZTC, Leonid Frantsevich Lyar, Deputy director of the ZTC. Looking at them, I realized what responsibility for production is and that it is very important to be a professional in your field. This means always having the desire to learn more, update your knowledge and gain experience.

I didn't notice how it was time to say goodbye to the team, to production. I tried to be a good person. I think there is no need for special qualities for an energy specialist, friendliness and sociability are enough. The best advice that Leonid Frantsevich Lyar, the deputy director of the ZTC, once gave me is very simple and wise: Who understood life, he is in no hurry! In life, the main thing for me is to live it with dignity. Eternal values for me are lines from the Bible: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Sergey Vladimirovich always approached his workdays creatively, and many years of experience in project organizations helped him in this, which he received before applying for a job at Almatyenergo. He also worked in a related specialty during his service in the armed forces – he was an operator of a boiler plant.

Sergey Vladimirovich skillfully applied all his accumulated experience in his work. His style of work aroused the sympathy of subordinates and positive assessments of management.

Since 2002, Sergey Vladimirovich has been working as a deputy chief engineer of the ZTC. Sergey Vladimirovich enthusiastically studied the nuances of the equipment and schemes of two more boiler houses that are part of the ZTC – Western and South-Western. And in his new place, his approach to work has brought noticeable results. And soon all the employees went to him for advice, especially if there were non-standard situations, from which Sergey Vladimirovich found the most rational ways out.

Here 's what his colleagues say about Sergei Vladimirovich:

– In addition to professional, his human qualities are intelligence, decency, education and respect for employees regardless of their status and position. For me, he is an example of a modern leader, – said the head of the VET Vladimir Vladimirovich Sosnitsky.

Toshik Tatiana Vitalievna, who worked for many years under the leadership of S.V. Popova:

– He is a very technically competent specialist, he knows ZTC like the back of his hand. I appreciate both professional and human qualities in him. Sergey Vladimirovich never panics, he is always calm, can organize the work clearly and competently, you can always discuss all questions about work. We have a good working atmosphere in our team, he always treats the staff with respect.

Now Sergey Vladimirovich is finishing his career and, it would seem, should go on a well-deserved rest. But this is not quite true – he has a summer cottage, which will most likely require a lot of effort and labor. The staff of the Western Thermal Complex wishes him further labor success!