Cooked with love

An updated canteen for employees opened at CHP-2

JSC "AlES" implements a program to improve the social and living conditions of the personnel of production departments, developed on behalf of Yerlan Kirkinbayev, Chairman of the Board of JSC "AlES".

A.Zhakutov CHPP-2 is located on the outskirts of the city and has no shops or cafes in the vicinity. The staff is brought to the station in special buses. Therefore, the work of the canteen at the station is very important for employees.

– The canteen is open from 7.00 to 20.00, – said Flura Esbolatova, head of the canteen. We have a varied menu. It doesn't repeat itself. On Thursday we have a fish day, on Friday we have a shbarmak, kazy. We bake bread, tortillas, pies, buns, we make dumplings, manti. The dining room bought a distribution line, electric stoves, electric meat grinder, ovens, deep fryer, freezers, cutting boards, all new kitchen utensils and furniture.

Employees can have breakfast at the station. Cooks prepare porridges for the arrival of the staff, and every day they are different, sausages, boiled and fried eggs, pies, sweet rolls and puffs.

Every day for lunch there is a fairly large selection of dishes on the menu:

dungan noodles, manpar and okroshka every day at the request of the staff, four more different hot options, three salads, baked drinks.

– Our dining room has become clean and fresh. New furniture and equipment. The offered range of dishes and pastries pleases us, – said Natalia Borodaeva, a technician at the PTO station. – I have come to the dining room now to order mantas, salads and fruits for our employees.

– The dining room is now unrecognizable. Very nice and comfortable! – Gulya Zhakaeva, the chairman of the station's trade union, shares his impressions of the repair. – Now you can not only have a delicious meal here, but also relax, chat with colleagues. Chefs and bakers are professionals in their field. Our staff and employees of contracting organizations go to the dining room with great pleasure. After all, it is very important to create comfortable conditions for food and rest at the station.

Shalkar Nurmukhambetov, Deputy head of the shopping mall, has been working at the station for 22 years and constantly dines in the dining room:

– The dining room has become brighter and much better. I always take a set lunch. First, second and salad. The menu changes every day. It pleases. I like to have lunch in our dining room.

A large, well-lit dining room is designed for 80 seats, while at lunch there can serve up to 250 people. The average cost of lunch is 1000 tenge.