AlES: eco landing on the river.Entrance

In early June, the company's environmentalists held a field garbage collection campaign "#Taza jagalaular"

The action was timed to coincide with the World Environment Day, which is celebrated every year on June 5. The environmental campaign carried out to clean up the Pass-Through River in the Alma-Arasan Gorge has found broad and active support from the environmentalists of "AlES" JSC and is being held for the second year. The splendor of the mountains and various grasses in the Alma-Arasan gorge are pleasing to the eye, but the piles of garbage on the shore and in the very river. The eco landing was perceived with sadness, nevertheless, environmentalists by profession and vocation were not going to give up.

– Unfortunately, the culture of waste disposal has not been developed enough yet. I think the more often we pay attention to this problem, the faster the desire not to litter at home will be instilled in people's minds", Zoya Arzyukova, Chief Manager of the Environmental Protection Department, stressed. – The concept of "home" should not be perceived as a place fenced off by a door or fence, but the environment, including your city, land, forest, rivers and lakes.

Saltanat Zhanakhmetova, Chief Specialist of the Environmental Protection Department, believes that our planet is struggling daily with the negative human impact on nature. But it can't last long. The Passageway River is choking with garbage. He is everywhere and on the banks and swims along the river itself. Nature itself no longer has time to restore and purify everything. We collected a lot of garbage, not even enough bags. It is sad that people are very negligent about nature.

Most of the collected garbage consists of plastic bags, plastic dishes, leftovers and other household garbage.

– It has been established that each person uses one package for an average of no more than 20 minutes, and its decomposition takes more than 500 years. There are no bacteria in nature that can decompose polymer compounds. It is possible to get rid of packages only by incineration", continued Elena Silvestrova, Chief Manager of the Environmental Protection Department. – This garbage floats in the water that goes to the hydraulic units. Employees of the Cascade of hydroelectric power plants collect dozens of bags of garbage daily to clean the water coming to the facilities.

Abandoned plastic bags, plastic cups, bottles and other "Gifts of civilization" violate not only urban communications. But they also cause the death of animals.

According to the UN Committee for the Protection of Nature, plastic waste annually causes the death of 1 million birds, 100 thousand marine mammals and an incalculable number of fish. Today, the question of the balance of nature and the environmentally sustainable development of production in society has become acute.

"AlES" ecologists have shown by their example that it is necessary to treat the environment responsibly. They tried to destroy the walls in the souls of people and change the attitude towards our common home – planet Earth.