Digital technologies in the labor protection service

JSC "AlES" continuously works to improve the system of safety and labor protection

This is primarily ensuring safe working conditions for each employee and their involvement in workplace safety issues. In 2021, in order to achieve these goals, the integrated security model and the Asraps system were introduced in AlES.

The introduction of the standards of the integrated safety model has made it possible to improve the safety culture in the company and the effectiveness of the occupational safety management system. These are "Golden Safety Rules", "Conducting a leadership behavioral safety audit", "Accounting and investigation of incidents", "Motivation of personnel to safe behavior", etc.

Currently, in the Asraps system, the company's employees work effectively in the applications: "Logs", "Defects and Events (incidents)", "Compliance with requirements" and "COVID-19".

– The introduction of the Asraps system made it possible for each employee of the Company registered in the system to enter the detected violations in the logs of events and defects in real time in order to eliminate them as soon as possible, – said Askhat Bertaev, Senior inspector for technical operation of the CHP-3 power plant. – Also, the Asraps system has increased the transparency and control of documentation on training, conducting qualification checks.

Apps "Asaps" are multitasking. For example, the application "Journal" includes a log of the issuance of security coupons, a log of the seizure of TB, a log of incidents (microtraumas) and a log of accidents with contractors. This structure allows the user to quickly find the logs required for work, and promptly enter information and data into them.

The developer of the program, e-Capital LLP, conducted additional training for users of the Asraps application in the spring of 2022 to improve the skills of using the system. The training took place in all production departments of JSC "AlES" in the mode of active dialogue. Employees of JSC "AlES" provided their suggestions for improving the use of the "Asraps" program.