98.9% of employees of JSC «AlES» took part in the republican referendum

Power engineers always have a high level of civic engagement.

– Our employees started voting early in the morning from the moment of the opening of the polling stations, an early rise is a professional habit of production workers. Out of 3,109 employees, 3,075 people and 772 members of their families voted, – said Daria Shayzhanova, Head of the Human Development Department of AlES JSC.

One of the first to come to his polling station was the director of the Western Thermal Complex Isakhan Syrgabayev and his wife:

– I believe that the republican referendum is the most democratic way of expressing the will of the people. Our family voted FOR. 12 people expressed their opinion: my children, this year my two granddaughters expressed their civic position. My wife and I, as the first married couple who came to the polling station, it was at 7.05 am, were presented with a service. It was very pleasant and unexpected.

Fariza Botakarayeva, a leading software engineer of the repair service of the Energoremont PRP, chairman of the Zharkyn Bolashak youth organization, considers participation in the referendum to be her civic duty:

– The future of my country worries us young. This is our country, our homeland! Therefore, we have come to vote for amendments and additions to the Constitution. I believe that the amendments to the Constitution will be approved by a majority of those who voted.