Drawing for me is an inspiration…

Abylai Baudunbayev, an apparatchik of chemical water treatment plant CHPP-3, told about his hobby

Abylai got a job at CHPP-3 as a chemical analysis laboratory assistant in August 2017 after graduating from K.I. KNTU. Satpayeva majored in "Chemical technology of organic substances". In 2018, he was transferred as a chemical water treatment apparatchik of the 4th category of the chemical workshop.

Abylai learned to draw as a child when he first attended a drawing lesson. At first they were simple shapes and forms. But over time, drawing more and more and applying more complicated techniques, he realized that this was his favorite hobby.

– I'm self-taught. I didn't study painting purposefully anywhere," Ablay shared. – My dad draws very well. It must have been inherited. Studying the works of various artists, I was always inspired and applied their techniques in my works. I was always looking for everything myself: I took various books, studied advertising sketches, looked at photos of my parents' times and gradually transferred all this to paper.

Abylai is in love with art, regularly visits museums, exhibitions and galleries. He is inspired by almost everything: music, books, movies, travel, people with their stories and characters.

– The more complex the drawings I draw, the more pleasure I get from this process. I draw for everyone. Pencil and acrylic, fabric paints and oil. I use different techniques. With experience, the handwriting changes, the technique improves. Now I paint landscapes on canvases, paint portraits on paper with a pencil, paint clothes and walls on houses.

Abylai has no preference for the work of any particular artist. After all, every artist has both successful and unsuccessful works. Our hero prefers to focus on specific jobs. Moreover, different things can attract him – plot, color, technique.

For example, I like the works of both foreign artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, and our domestic figures – Abylkhan Kasteyev and Salihitdin Aitbayev. A couple of months ago I visited the Dolmabahce Gallery in Istanbul. We were very surprised and impressed by the works of Turkish artists.

Drawing for Abylai is, first of all, an inspiration for me. He is inspired by what he feels close to: the beauty of nature, the environment, people.

Painting is creative and physical labor. He compared it to solving equations. Abylai believes that this is how you develop both intellectual qualities and discipline yourself.