I bow low to you, veterans…

During the May holidays, the employees of JSC "AlES" congratulated the veterans of the home front, soldiers-internationalists and Chernobyl victims. It has become a good tradition to visit veterans at home.

– I was lucky enough to take part in congratulating our veterans on May 9 – Victory Day. Unfortunately, every year there are fewer veterans, those who brought us victory. This holiday for most of our grandparents is a key experience in life, on the eve of which you do not want to be lonely. It's nice to see, to be near, to honor and pay attention to our veterans. Victory Day is one of the most important days for our generation, – shared Daniyar Batyrov, head of the Workshop for the repair of high-voltage equipment of the Energy Repair Plant, activist of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak" JSC "AlES".

The example of older generations helps us to defend the ideals of friendship between peoples, strengthens faith in the future of Kazakhstan, says Nurzhan Abdullayev, senior master of the UKO-1 PRE "Energoremont".

– We used to invite veterans to our company, set a festive table. But now we can't invite our veterans, it's hard for them to move around. The oldest is already 92 years old. Unfortunately, this year there are two more veterans less. Vladimir Grigoryevich Mamonov died, who gave us our domestic favorite chocolate "Kazakhstan" from the Rakat confectionery factory every year, and Ivan Mikhailovich Laskov died," – continued Fariza Botakaraeva, a leading software engineer at Energoremont, chairman of the Zharkyn Bolashak youth organization of AlES JSC.

Gratitude to the participants of the Great Patriotic War will live forever in our hearts! We wish our dear veterans long life and good health!