«AlES» JSC: towards the referendum

The departments of "AlES" JSC discussed the republican referendum, which will be held on June 5, 2022 in Kazakhstan.

Chairman of the primary party organization of JSC "AlES" of the AMANAT party, deputy of the Maslikhat of the Almaty region, Managing Director for Capital Construction and Transformation Bagdaulet Ustenov conducted information and explanatory work with the labor collective.

– It is important that people understand the progressiveness of the ongoing reforms and take an active part in the popular vote, – said the deputy of the Maslikhat of Almaty region B.Ustenov.

Deputies of the republican party headquarters of the "AMANAT" party B.Torgaev, members of the regional party headquarters, deputies of the maslikhat of Almaty Ye.Kasymov, A.Kobeeva, member of the Political Council of the Auezovsky district Zh.Kurabayeva and executive secretary of the Auezovsky district branch of the party N.Ordabayeva.

– About 33 articles of the Basic Law will be changed, including the powers of the President will be reduced, the role of Parliament and maslikhats will be significantly strengthened, the participation of citizens will be significantly expanded and the human rights sphere will be strengthened. Our goal is to explain all this to the people, when you explain what amendments will really be, the people support. Because there is a democratization of society and the strengthening of human rights protection", – Bekkali Torgayev said.

AlES employees actively participated in the discussion. Azamat Sagadiev, Deputy Head of the electromechanical workshop of the HPP Cascade, commented energetically on the changes. He thanked for the detailed information on amendments to the Constitution.

Everyone was satisfied with the live communication. At such open meetings, everyone can express their opinion and be sure that their voice will be heard. And a referendum is the most democratic way for the public to participate in making important decisions for the state.