CHP-3: Vladimir Alexandrovich Staforov was taken to a well-deserved rest

On May 25, 2022, the staff of CHP-3 spent a well-deserved rest in connection with the retirement age of Vladimir Alexandrovich Staforov, senior master of the production site for rotating mechanisms of the electric shop. The total work experience is 45 years, of which the continuous work experience at CHP-3 is 27 years.

Vladimir Alexandrovich began his career at CHPP-3 in 1994 as an electrician of the 6th category of the electrical shop. In 1996 he was transferred to the master of the electrical workshop, since 2005 he worked as a senior master of the production site.

Vladimir Alexandrovich is a highly professional specialist, an excellent leader. Always conscientiously and responsibly treated his official duties. Reliable work, high efficiency and great knowledge of the matter ensured trouble-free operation of the electrical equipment of the power plant. Under the leadership of Staforov V.A., the staff of the electrical shop clearly fulfilled the planned repair tasks. Vladimir Alexandrovich constantly monitored the high-quality repair of electrical equipment as subordinate personnel, as well as repair personnel of contractors. He continuously improved his professional knowledge, as well as the knowledge of his colleagues.

Vladimir Alexandrovich took an active part in the social life of the collective. He enjoys authority and respect in the team of the electrical workshop. Staforov V.A. has extensive work experience, which he passes on to young workers. During his work, he has trained more than a dozen specialists.

The team of CHP-3 wishes Vladimir Alexandrovich Staforov long life and family well-being!!!