I got to the power plant by accident, but I stayed here for 39 years...

In the anniversary year for CHP-3, Nikolai Ilyich Paraskun, ex-shift supervisor of the turbine shop of the station, shared his memories

I wanted to connect my life with the sky, I entered the flight school twice, but life ordered otherwise. I got to the power plant by accident, after moving from the Altai Territory in 1976 and stayed here for 39 years. But everything is in order.

He was born in 1950 in the Altai Territory. After graduation, he went to enroll in the Achinsk Flight School. I wanted to become a pilot. But for health reasons, it did not work out. From 1969 to 1971 he served in the ranks of the Soviet Army in Transbaikalia.

In 1976 he came to Almaty. I started looking for a master's job, since I already had work experience. I was told that there are vacancies at the power plant. By the will of fate, I got into the turbine shop, the head of the shop was S.Samsin. After a short conversation, I got a job as a machinist-crawler of auxiliary equipment.

There is an erroneous opinion that the profession of an energy engineer is not a woman's business. I can say that these are all myths. In reality, my first mentor was a woman.

In VAIN N.I. Paraskun

At that time, many women worked in the turbine shop. My first mentor and teacher was Taisya Krasnoslobodtseva, Elizaveta Vertkova also worked in the turbine shop. At the initial stage, the two of them helped me a lot.

While working at the power plant, I had to study a lot, there was not enough knowledge. But thanks to experienced mentors, he slowly acquired professional knowledge. He passed all the stages of training from the driver of the block control system of aggregates, the driver of steam turbines, the senior engineer of the turbine shop.

In their free time, they also spent all together. The trade union held various sports events. Such sports relay races united the team.

                      Sports shooting                                                     At a ski race

All festive events were celebrated by all our friendly team. It was a good tradition, all public holidays, the power plant workers celebrated on a grand scale. They walked in columns through the beloved village of power engineers.

In 1999, he was transferred to the position of shift supervisor of the turbine shop. This is a new level of responsibility.

There was a very friendly atmosphere on the watch, but no one canceled the production discipline. I tried to make sure that I was a fair leader for my subordinates during the shift. And outside the station gates already, friend. During the work I have trained a lot of excellent specialists. Today they already hold senior positions. I think a real power engineer should have knowledge, skills and, of course, composure. Avoid throwing and panic in emergency situations. But, such qualities come over the years.

There were different situations in our work, you won't remember everything. But they all affected my life. I have three children. Daughter and son-in-law also work at the power plant in the turbine shop. Nowadays, it is not necessary to advertise the profession of an energy engineer. Mostly children and grandchildren come here to work in order to continue the dynasty of their parents.

Seeing off pensioners of CHP-3 2016

Of course, power engineers have a future. The power plant employs professionals in their field. I wish you all good health and trouble-free work.

I never regret a single day in my life: good days bring happiness, bad days bring experience, the worst ones teach lessons, and the best ones create memories.