64 employees of CHPP-1 named afterOrazbayev and "Energoremont" PME donated blood

On the principles of social partnership, mercy and solidarity, the workers of the CHPP-1 named after Orazbayev and the Republican Blood Center cooperate. Every year the staff of the station donates blood 2-3 times. On May 5, 2022, the Center launched its work in the medical office of the station. The last time the station workers donated blood was in November 2021.

– We work closely with the Republican Blood Center. A week before the blood donation, we put up posters. For 2 days we warn about proper nutrition before blood donation, we warn the management of workshops about holding a Donor Day at the station, – said Layla Orazbayeva, the inspector for occupational safety and health of the station.

Aizada Tleukhan, a process engineer at the commissioning and environmental activities workshop, found out about the Blood Center and donation when she got a job at the station. She's been donating blood for the fourth time. According to Aizada, if this simple procedure gives hope to save a person's life, then it is necessary to donate blood, if health allows.

Almost half of the workers who donate blood have become permanent donors. Many of them started donating blood at the station.