In accordance with the plan of the integrated interdepartmental strategic command staff exercise "Batyl Toitarys – 2022" for the protection and defense of strategic facilities, one of which is the A.Zhakutov CHP-2 of AlES JSC, it was decided to deploy territorial defense units of the Alatau district of Almaty. Persons from among those liable for military service were called up for special military training to ensure the stable and safe functioning of facilities in conditions of warfare and emergency.

– This is the first time such an exercise is being held at the station. The exercise takes place from April 11 to 22, 2022. For ten days, a company of 56 people has been mobilized and stationed on the territory of the CHPP-2 named after him. Zhakutova, – said Alexander Dovzhik, Head of the Civil Defense and Emergency Service of JSC "AlES".

During the exercise, military personnel serve on real sections of the CHP-2.



– We have shown the engineering and technical strength of the facility and are working out issues of interaction in the event of emergency situations. Clarified the features of the protection and defense of this facility. The issues of compliance with security measures during service have been worked out," added Sanzhar Balgazin, Chief of Staff of the State Emergency CHPP-2.

All activities carried out during the exercise are necessary to develop a common understanding for the joint protection of the facility in a state of war and emergency.

The commander of the Almaty Territorial Defense Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Yerzhan Rymbek, noted that the Almaty Territorial Defense Protection company was involved in the CHP-2 to work out the tasks set during the special exercise. The company took the object under protection. Security sectors have been divided, routes for mobile patrol posts have been compiled. Conscripts conduct daily guard duty at the station with combat weapons.

– The station staff work together with the security company, – said Lieutenant Yerlan Uteniyazov, commander of the 1st company of the territorial security battalion of the Alatau district. – To protect and protect the facility, the company's personnel took classes at the Ili training ground on coordination of actions and the use of weapons.

The activities carried out within the framework of the exercise meet the instructions of the President of the country to ensure effective coordination between law enforcement agencies and are carried out with the assistance of the Akimat of Almaty.