On April 15, 2022, Askhar Kurmatovich Shanlakbayev, the managing director of the station, was given a well-deserved rest at the CHP-2. Askhar Kurmatovich has 40 years of continuous work experience in the energy sector.

Askhar Kurmatovich graduated from the Almaty Power Engineering University, then by distribution he got into the RSPP "Kazenergonaladka".

There he passed training by famous Kazakhstani technical specialists Iskakov K.B., Dokhov A.V., Timchenko A.V. and acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience. For 15 years of work in the RSPP "Kazenergonaladka" traveled all over Kazakhstan, visited almost all stations where the main fuel was coal.

Askhar Kurmatovich joined Almaty CHP-2 in July 1998. Despite his vast experience and baggage of knowledge, he started everything from scratch, with a motorist of the bagger pumping group 3 qualification in the boiler shop.

Thanks to his hard work, Askhar Kurmatovich passed all the steps of the career ladder: head of the boiler shop, deputy chief engineer, chief engineer of the CHP-2, managing Director at the PME "Energoremont", CHP-3 and CHP-2 named after A.Zhakutov.

Askhar Kurmatovich since 1977, when I entered the Almaty Power Engineering Institute at the Faculty of Thermal Power Engineering for the specialty of thermal power plants. He was already in his third year and was, so to speak, a "senior". Then we met at the CHP-2, at that time I was working as the head of the boiler shop. With his extensive experience in Kazenergonaladka, he quickly studied the schemes and features of the station's equipment. But all the same, he started from the very "bottom".

Separately, I want to note his analytical mind and great efficiency. He could not sit in one place, constantly made rounds and inspections of equipment. In a good understanding, he was demanding and proactive.

I will tell you one case about our work with him. I worked as the head of the boiler shop, and at that time Askhar was already my deputy head of the boiler shop for repair. He had a habit of leaving the keys to all the rooms of the workshop in his office. At the same time, the office was constantly open. I have repeatedly made a remark that the keys should not be left unattended, but he did not react. And one day I took the keys from his office. The time was somewhere around ten in the morning. After a while, while going around the shop, I noticed that all the foremen, the engineer of the boiler shop, as well as the masters of the PRP look puzzled and worried.

It turns out that Askhar Kurmatovich and all his subordinates went around almost the entire station in search of keys. We went to the site of the KCC, AMC, the construction site of KA No. 8, went around all the boilers from minus 12 mark to the boiler drum, all the auxiliary equipment of the boiler shop. I returned the keys to him at the evening meeting, warning him that next time the keys would be lost forever.

I respect Askhar Kurmatovich very much as a competent specialist who treats his work with great responsibility and a professional approach to the performance of his duties. Maintains friendly relations with colleagues at work and can always help in a difficult moment.

Isakhan Syrgabayev, Managing Director of CHPP-1 named after B.Orazbayev

Askar Kurmashevich is a man deeply devoted to his profession. He devoted his entire career to ensuring reliable and economical operation of power plants.

Thanks to his inexhaustible energy, improved football, volleyball and gym grounds appeared on the territory of CHP-2, pine trees grew around chemical water treatment tanks, asphalt roads were laid, etc.

People like Askar Kurmashevich will not be out of work even on a well-deserved rest. His inexhaustible energy, life experience and professionalism will always be in demand. Askar Kurmashevich is a leader of high level and professionalism. Our work path with him is somewhat similar. We started together in the production department of CHP-2, went through the path of becoming a successful leader from a bagernaya machinist to a managing director. During the work, we have trained a huge number of successful managers. It is not for nothing that the production department of CHP-2 is called the forge of personnel.

Fazoil Salimov, Managing Director of CHP-3

The staff of "AlES" JSC expresses great gratitude to Askar Kurmashevich for many years of fruitful and conscientious work. Sincerely wishes you well-being, good health and longevity.