On April 9, 2022, the general cleaning of departments took place as part of the city clean-up and the republican action "Birge – taza Qazaqstan".

Employees of the Western Thermal Complex put things in order at three sites: the heating line of the CHP-2-WTC, the territory of the WTC, as well as the cleaning of adjacent areas.

– 60 workers of the WTC came out for the clean-up, three special vehicles were brought out. Everyone was provided with tools, gloves, garbage bags. After the winter period, the territory was cleaned, the trees were whitewashed. The mood is great, and the weather did not disappoint. Passersby looked at us with approval and tried to remember our logo on workwear. Let them know our: "We are AlES!", – said Adilbek Nysanbayev, Deputy Managing Director of WTC.

Electrician Dias Zhienkulov participates in subbotniks every year, added that everyone was energized and positive, talked, put a large area in order. "It's more fun to work together, and everything turns out faster and better!"

The staff of B.Orazbayev CHP-1 cleaned the territory of the department and the adjacent territory. They took an active part in the citywide clean-up. All workshops, departments, services and sites were involved. More than 60 people, including employees of the PRE "Energoremont", collected four cars with garbage.

– Now we have completed the traditional spring work: we cleaned up garbage, cleared the territory of last year's foliage, sawed off emergency trees, removed felling residues, whitewashed trees and curb stone, – shared Isakhan Syrgabayev, Managing Director of B.Orazbayev CHP-1.

Employees of the Energoremont PRP went to the improvement sites along Baizakov Street, from Kazybek bi Street to Karasai Batyr Street, along the heating main of WTC – CHP-2 and on the territory of CHP-1. The cleaning area was divided into sections, and each employee worked hard on his site. 57 employees participated in the clean-up.

– Many thanks to everyone who came out to clean up. Our common task is to make our city comfortable and green. In total, more than 180 employees took part in the clean-up today, but this is only the beginning of a two-month campaign to clean up the territory," – said Yerlan Kirkinbayev, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC AlES.

The desire of every AlES employee to see their city clean and well-groomed, especially when everything is blooming and nature is coming to life. The participants of the action with their enthusiasm urge the residents of the city to join the work on cleaning the territory of courtyards and streets.