Over the past heating season, ALES has generated about 4.5 million Gcal of thermal energy for heating Almaty and the Almaty region

Heating season 2021-2022 was completed on April 5, 2022 in accordance with resolutions No. 2/121 of the Akimat of Almaty and No. 31 of the Akimat of Ili district of Almaty region. Heat supply stops due to the onset of stable warm weather.

– In general, heating season was successful, as evidenced by the uninterrupted supply of heat and electricity to consumers of the city and the Almaty region, – said Yerlan Kirkinbayev, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC AlES. – During this period, "Almaty Electric Stations" JSC has generated 3 billion kWh of electric energy and about 4.5 million Gcal of thermal energy, having fully fulfilled contractual obligations to consumers. About 20 boiler units and 13 steam turbines were in operation. Despite the difficult epidemiological situation and the alarming January days, there were no power outages during the past heating season, thermal energy was released in full in accordance with the requests of consumers.

"AlES" JSC starts a repair campaign on the main and auxiliary equipment of energy sources.

"Almaty Electric Power Stations" JSC are the main energy source of Almaty and the Almaty region and provide about 76% of the heat of the district heating zone and 60% of electricity. "AlES" JSC includes: CHPP-1 named after B.Orazbayev, CHPP-2 named after A.Zhakutov, CHPP-3, Western Thermal Complex, Kapshagayskaya HPP named after Sh.Chokin, Cascade HPP, Production and repair enterprise "Energoremont", FLUC.

Reference: every year the heating season starts when the average daily outdoor temperature is below +8 degrees Celsius for five consecutive days, if the heat supply is carried out through a centralized system. Heating period ends when the average daily outdoor temperature stays above this mark for five days. Term of the heating season is approved by the Akimat of Almaty and the akimat of the Ili district of the Almaty region.