The half-century anniversary is celebrated by the Western Thermal Complex

In March 2022, the Western Thermal Complex turned 50 years old. The main task of the WHC is the generation and release of thermal energy. It includes the Western District Boiler House (WDB), the Novo-Western Boiler House (NWB), the South-Western district Boiler House (SWB), two Central Thermal Distribution Points (CTDP) and a pumping station.

The project of the Western District Boiler House was approved by the decision of the Almaty State Economic Council in 1961. Construction began in 1962. Initially, it was part of the Directorate of Light Industry Enterprises under construction. First stage with a capacity of 75 t/h. Three steam and two hot water boilers were built. The WDB was built mainly for the needs of the Alma-Ata Cotton Mill.

From 1972 until mid-August 1996, the WDB and the NWB were a state-owned enterprise in the system of the Alma-Ata Enterprise of Thermal Networks (AETN) "Almatyenergo".

In August 1996, WHC became the property of Almaty Power Consolidated. In 2000, the Novo-Zapadnaya Boiler House and the Zapadnaya District Boiler House became part of the WHC. Since February 15, 2007, WHC has been a part of Almaty Electric Stations JSC.

Since the beginning of construction, the expansion of the steam and hot water parts of the air defense system has been underway. In 1980, together with the CHPP-2, the CTDP and pumping station No. 6 were launched. This made it possible to improve the hydraulic thermal conditions of the entire city. Communication was carried out between CHPP-2, CTDP, WDB and CHPP-1 to ensure the reliability of heat supply to the city.

Head of the BS V.Sirobaba, boiler driver E.Andreev, 1985

The NWB project was approved in 1983. Construction began in 1984 and four new experimental seismic hot water boilers were built in 1989.

In 2013, reconstruction work began at the WHC. The customer of the project development and reconstruction is the Akimat of Almaty.

The total installed thermal capacity is 1100 Gcal/hour, for the steam part – 20 Gcal/hour, including NWB – 400 Gcal/hour, WDB – 808 Gcal/hour. The available thermal capacity of the NWB is 300 Gcal/hour, the WDB is 608.8 Gcal/hour (including the steam part of 20 Gcal/hour) in total – 908.8 Gcal/hour.

BS T.Villamova, T.Tursunkanova, 1986

Today, WHC works according to the dispatching schedule of loads to ensure reliable and safe operation of equipment, serviceable condition of buildings and structures, communication systems. The heating main supplies heat to more than 1,000 apartment buildings in Almaty, – said Alibek Tastanbekov, Managing Director of the WHC.

In the long-term development of the WHC, it is planned to install Fitch catalysts on gas pipelines to the PTVM-50 boiler in 2023, at a cost of 35 million tenge. This will save gas consumption up to 360 thousand m3 per year. In 2022, the lighting of the WHC territory will be modernized. Outdated incandescent lamps will be replaced with LED. The introduction of a frequency control system for a group of pumps in PS-6 will be carried out in 2024, which will save over 1 million kW per year.

In the period 2022-2025, it is planned to modernize the heating main of CHPP-2, WHC. The existing two-pipe system will be replaced with a three-pipe system, with the organization of the return of mains water for heating to the power plants of CHPP-2. This project is at the stage of feasibility study.

Congratulations to all WHC employees on the golden anniversary. We wish you fruitful and trouble-free work.