AlES took part in the republican command-staff exercise Koktem-2022

On March 3 and 4, 2022, AlES JSC took part in the Republican command-and-staff exercise "Koktem-2022" to carry out measures in the event of emergency response during the flood period of 2022.

On the first day, upon receipt of the signal, the headquarters of the Civil Defense and Emergency Situations organized a gathering of personnel, and forces and means for civil protection were put on alert. Conducted a review of the emergency response team. The review involved 10 pieces of equipment and 29 people.

On the second day, practical measures were worked out to eliminate a possible emergency situation on the territory of CHPP-2. 

According to the plan of the tactical-special exercise, in connection with a sharp warming, water was discharged along the mouth of the river. Kargalinka. As a result, there was a rise in the water level in the area of the garbage trap and flooding of the pumping clarified water of the boiler shop and the station of the repair and construction shop. To eliminate the emergency, production personnel, the rescue team of Kazakhstan-Kuzet LLP, the private security agency Musakhan-Security LLP, automotive and special equipment were involved. With the participation of the Heat Management Service of Civil Protection of Almaty to eliminate the conditional emergency situation that arose as a result of the flood situation, all the consequences were eliminated in a timely manner. There were no casualties. There were no interruptions in providing the population of the city and life-support facilities with heating and electricity.

AlES JSC has 64 civil protection units, 99 units of automotive, engineering and other special equipment.

All services coped with the tasks assigned to them. The objectives of the exercise are considered to be achieved.