All people of different professions were united by the power of energy...

A monumental high relief adorns the machine room of the Kapshagay HPP named after Sh. Chokin

In 1974, they began to collect the high relief of the Kapshagai hydroelectric power station under the managing director Boris Gennadievich Osipov. The enterprise "IRTYSHGESSTROY" supervised the collection of the high relief.

High relief is a type of relief sculpture, a three-dimensional image that protrudes above a flat background. On the wall 22 meters long, 13 meters high, from 0.15 to 0.65 meters thick, there are mosaic figures of people of different professions: an astronaut, a steelworker, a scientist... They are all dedicated to their work in the name of life on Earth.

– The high relief is the decoration of our machine room. We try to keep it in its original form. Twice a year we wash and clean the high relief using an overhead crane and observing safety precautions, – said Maxim Mamyrin, chief engineer of the station.

Andrey Ivanov, head of the electrical laboratory of the electrical machine shop, who has been working at the Kapshagai hydroelectric power station for 31 years, describes his emotions and feelings:

– This piece of work is amazing to me. It conveys the atmosphere when everyone lived in peace and harmony, worked for the good of society, produced the necessary energy without which it is simply impossible to live. All people of different professions were united by the power of energy, without which it is impossible to fly in space, to be a steelworker... Only by combining all efforts can great results be achieved. Here are captured people who loved their work and did everything so that we can now generate this energy that every person needs. In general, in any profession and, of course, in ourselves lives the same force of energy that unites all those living on this earth... 

A veteran power engineer, he worked at the Kapshagai hydroelectric power station for 40 years, in recent years, until he retired, he held the position of chief engineer, Viktor Andreevich Konishchev dedicated a poem to high relief:

High relief at the Kapshagai hydroelectric power station

At the end of the turbine hall
Behind the fourth unit
Cool appeared
The picture is a convex plot.
     Labor people at work
     With the elegant formula of Einstein
     With their care
     You can also imagine a foundry.
Processes of workers here
And an astronaut or a diver flies
In their own way, everyone here is cool
And everyone works with everyone, dreams.
     Here is a mixture of labor
     In the union it was held in high esteem
     Enter the machine room here
     Work images by quota.
Look be proud
You are at the Kapshagai hydroelectric power station, in the turbine hall
You look up
Here for the country, for the pride of the exam!