His true vocation will always be energy

Mikhail Dmitrievich Miletsky, an electrician for the repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments of the Thermal Automation and Measurement Shop of the Almaty CHPP-3, shares his memories. 42 years of experience in the energy sector 

Every person should love his job. It is very important. I am grateful to fate for giving me the chance to make the right choice. Now I say with confidence: energy is my calling. I came to CHPP-3 consciously.

Grew up in the village, went to school. I have been interested in technology since childhood. Every Saturday my class and I went to work practice at the station. We were 12 girls and 12 boys. The girls went to the chemical workshop. And we were handymen. There were many orders.

After school, I already knew exactly where I would work. He came to the station in 1966 to the Centralized Repair Shop as a mechanic. From 1967 to 1969 he served in the Soviet army. Then he returned to his home station.

Miletsky M., Ponachevny V.

In 1970, he moved to the Thermal Automation and Measurement Shop as an electrician for the repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments. During the work in the workshop, more than a dozen specialists have been trained by him.

Of course, there was a lot to learn. A true love for the profession allowed me to achieve success in my work. Sloppiness and unprofessionalism were not allowed in the energy sector.

During the work at the station there were many interesting things. Of course, various equipment failures and emergencies were remembered. Where it was necessary to apply all efforts and knowledge to eliminate problems. I was lucky to become a part of a professional friendly team capable of solving any problems.

Like everyone else, he was an innovator. Without this, at that time there is nowhere to go.

November 7th celebration

The workshop team was very friendly and cohesive. Together we went to celebrations, holidays on May 1, November 7. Families were friends.  

Miletsky M., Baranov N., Ponachevny V. 

In their free time from work, they went with the team to the state farm to harvest beets and potatoes.

I am sure that the power engineering profession will be in demand in the future, I hope everything will be automated. But the shortage of tech-savvy professionals will remain. I think that modern universities need to focus on the training of technical specialists.

If I could turn back time, nothing would change for sure. I repeated everything again. I wish CHPP-3 and the staff prosperity and trouble-free operation.