At the beginning of February 2022, the staff of AlES JSC took a well-deserved rest in connection with the achievement of retirement age, Ramil Aitbayevich Galiev. His continuous experience in the energy sector was 41 years.

Ramil Aitbaevich was born in the Alma-Ata region on September 21, 1958. After serving in the army, he entered the Almaty Energy Institute (AEI) and graduated with a degree in thermal power engineering, in May 1997 he received an education in the specialty of an engineer-economist.

He began his work experience at CHPP-1 named after. B. Orazbaeva as a fitter of the turbine shop in 1981. Having passed a difficult and difficult path to the Deputy Chief Engineer for Ecology at the head office of AlES JSC in 2014, he was repeatedly awarded with thanks from Almatyenergo, Certificates of Honor for the Day of the Power Engineer, in 2006 he was listed on the Board of Honor, in 2015 he was awarded the title "Honorary Power Engineer" and in 2017 was awarded the title "Enbek sinirgen power engineer".

Ramil Aitbaevich is a professional in his field and most of his life belongs to work. Over the long years of work in the company, Ramil Aitbaevich has accumulated vast professional and life experience and knowledge, many friends, professional victories, successes, many tasks have been solved, and he got out of a huge number of difficult situations and helped others to do it. During his work, with his competent and balanced word, advice and deed, he supported everyone who turned to him. This is a deeply erudite person with a broad outlook, able to ignite the idea, motivate and lead.

Ramil Aitbaevich tried to do everything optimally, in the best way, with ingenuity, ingeniously. For Ramil Aitbayevich, the year is not a hindrance, he is always young at heart. His favorite hobby is playing chess and football, he participated in competitions and won prizes.

Colleagues note that it was a real pleasure to work with Ramil Aitbaevich, because he is a wonderful and worthy Person with a capital letter! For years of joint work and pleasant communication, for understanding and support, for bright moments and brilliant ideas, for unanimity and collective strength.