To date, 953 people have received a booster dose of the vaccine.

AlES JSC is actively working to inform employees about the need for revaccination and the timing of its implementation. On the recommendation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, revaccination schedules were prepared for all workers, taking into account their primary vaccination. For the convenience of revaccination, the company takes measures to ensure that revaccination is carried out at the place of work, as well as the delivery of employees by company vehicles to revaccination points in medical institutions.

In January-February, visits of medical workers to three production departments and to the company's head office were organized. At CHPP-2, revaccination was carried out by the city polyclinic No. Almaty, at CHPP-3 – the Ili Central District Hospital, at the Kapshagay HPP – the city clinic of Kapshagay.

– I have small children in my family. Our immune system is constantly fighting viruses. Antibodies are getting smaller. Therefore, additional vaccination is necessary. I deliberately gave the third vaccination to protect myself, children and loved ones from a terrible virus, – said Bekzhan Shamygulov, an electrician for the repair of automation and measuring instruments at CHPP-3.

To date, 113 people have been revaccinated at CHPP-3. Workers are realizing that only by receiving the third vaccine will they be able to protect themselves and their loved ones from the pandemic.

– I had to spend a lot of time in the past in medical institutions, there is no more desire! I am constantly in contact with employees. Therefore, take care of yourself and your colleagues. Vaccination increases the chances of not getting sick or easily transferring this illness, – shared Maxim Neborak, engineer of the hydrotechnical department of the Cascade HPP.  

In two departments, collective visits of employees for revaccination to the city polyclinic were organized with the provision of company vehicles. Visits of CHPP-1 employees to the city polyclinic No. 5 of Almaty, to the HPP Cascade to the city polyclinic No. 17 of Almaty were organized.

– I received a revaccination with a booster dose of Vero Cell vaccine at the end of January. After receiving the first and second components of the vaccine, Sputnik V noticed that my immunity had increased and I did not get sick. Revaccination is done to help the immune system fight the virus. As time passes, the body's protection against coronavirus infection decreases, in connection with this, it is necessary to receive the vaccine again, – said Dinmukhamed Aimuratov, head of the electrical department of B. Orazbayev CHPP-1. 

According to Aizada Tleukhan, a toolmaker at CHPP-1, the vaccine protects the body from infection. Reading the news in the media about revaccination, expert articles, she came to the conclusion that it is necessary to revaccinate in order to protect herself and her environment.

Employees of workshops and sections of the PRP "Energoremont", TsPVT are revaccinated according to their territorial affiliation together with the production departments where they are located.

– I received revaccination on December 28 last year, – said Serik Toktarbaev, head of the electromechanical shop at the Cascade HPP. – Our city was in the red zone for infection with the virus. To protect my health and immune system, I received the third component of the virus vaccine at the local clinic.

Part of the employee of the STICK of others production department of Wales undergo revaccination at the place of residence.

The team understands the importance of timely vaccinations to maintain their health during an unfavorable epidemic situation due to the rapid spread of the Omicron COVID-19 strain. At present, 953 employees of AlES JSC have undergone revaccination. The most active revaccination of workers is taking place at CHUP-1, where almost half of the stations personnel have been revaccinated. In otherdepartments, more than a third of the staff were revaccinated.