Our today's hero Nurbol Saimovich Moldabayev, mechanic-repairman of the 6th category of the locomotive facilities of the railway section of the Central Railway Transport Center

As I remember myself, whenever my uncle was digging into various mechanisms, I was there. Apparently this influenced the choice of my profession as a mechanic. I followed in the footsteps of my uncle, he was also a mechanic, a blacksmith, perhaps it was passed down through the genes and through upbringing. I always dreamed of being like my uncle, being as reasonable and wise. Now I understand the meaning of his sayings and sayings, especially often I remember the simplest: "It's never too late to learn!"

Finding your place is not easy. Some people have been looking for it all their lives. In 2014, I got a job at the Fuel Receiving and Unloading Center. The peculiarity of the TsPVT is that there is practically no such structural unit anywhere. In fact, it turns out to be a railway within the power industry. I was surprised by the cohesion of the team. Full mutual understanding and dedication among all employees, regardless of position and rank. Corporate culture and very well organized interaction of employees, healthy and positive atmosphere. I have never seen such a group before. I believe that a sense of brotherhood (unity), the ability to show love for the world around you, patience and wisdom are eternal values. Therefore, after a little time, I realized that such a team and work with such conditions would still not be found.

Working in a specialty is always a pleasure. Dig into the thick of gears, look for a malfunction, fix it in a timely manner and know that the mechanism will work "like clockwork". This is real work for me. Once I disassembled at my own peril and risk the gearbox of the air compressor drive, and at the same time I read that it was repaired only in the factory. After identifying a bearing failure and assembling the gearbox, this mechanism started working – there was no end to my joy. And pride in my work was inspired by a simple phrase, said by my uncle somehow in passing, ”it’s not the gods who burn the pots”.

My main mentor was the senior foreman of the railway economy – Valery Fedorovich Kostromin. This is the Master with a capital letter. Professional, I learned a lot from this man.

Our working day begins with the receipt of instructions, a plan for the upcoming working day from the senior foreman of the locomotive economy, Alexander Viktorovich Meshcheryakov. Every day is completely different, day to day is not the same. My responsibilities include mechanical repair of shunting diesel locomotives. Everything about the mechanical components of these large machines is mine. In addition, we have to show the repair tricks to the younger generation of mechanics who replaced our pensioners. In addition, there are failures in the work of small-scale mechanization tools for track fitters, and this must be taken into account. My motto: you see the goal – learn the ways of implementation, do it! I have an explosive character, but I approach any work with all responsibility, after weighing all the nuances. I do not like to do the work twice, it is better to do it once, but with high quality and following the technology.  

My professional dream is to train as many young guys as possible who are going to work, to pass on the experience that I have gained over the years of work.