AlES JSC collected 65 kg of used batteries and 5.5 tons of waste paper

At the beginning of the year, AlES summed up the results of the environmental campaigns “RaZZZryadka!” and "Show culture – hand over waste paper!". Every year, the company holds promotions aimed at shaping the ecological outlook of employees. Attention is focused on the need for proper disposal of batteries and waste paper, promotion of the principles of separate waste collection.

During the year, employees of production departments collected 65 kg of used batteries, which is 26% more than in 2020, and 5.5 tons of waste paper, which is 30% more.

– Similar actions of AlES JSC have been held for the third year already. Scientific and technological progress and the commissioning of new equipment allow waste paper processing plants to produce containers for products, and fairly cheap modern and non-flammable insulating materials, various disposable tableware and much more. But for the active development of this area, effective propaganda should be carried out on the reception of waste paper, which can ensure the maximum load of the waste paper processing enterprise. The main problem of large companies is that almost every financial and economic operation is accompanied by the signing of acts, reports that require printing. AlES introduced electronic document management, which allows minimizing the amount of paper used. On average in the world, up to 160 kg of paper waste per office worker per year. And if we count household waste, then the conclusion suggests itself: it's time to switch to paperless technologies, – said Zoya Arzyukova, chief manager of the Environmental Protection Department.

– Environmental habits are important to form from childhood. A careful attitude to natural resources will help solve the large-scale task of creating a safe and modern system for handling production and consumption waste in the country. And at the same time, many of us do not think that the state of the environment is directly related to our behavior in everyday life, in nature. Therefore, it is important today to learn to appreciate the surrounding nature. We ask everyone to think about the harm that one AA battery does, and not to throw it into the trash can with the rest of the garbage, and collect waste paper separately, – Elena Silvestrov, chief specialist of the Environmental Protection Department, expressed her opinion.

According to Ramil Galiyev, head of the Department of Environmental Protection, the development of technology for the processing and disposal of used batteries and accumulators is an urgent problem not only for the Republic of Kazakhstan, but for all countries of the world. The issues of collection, disposal and recycling of used batteries and accumulators are extremely relevant at the present time.

Disposal of this waste is one of the most difficult problems of recycling. Almost all batteries contain toxic substances in the form of various materials and chemicals, which, when the battery cases are destroyed, enter the natural environment. Recycling of such products contributes to the preservation of the environment for healthy human life.