This is how they speak about Alexander Nikolaevich Paponov, an electrician for maintenance of electrical equipment of electrical networks of the 5th category of the Western Thermal Complex, and his colleagues.

Alexander Nikolaevich was born on January 4, 1959 in Russia, in 1961 he moved to Almaty. His father is a driver by profession, his mother is a crane operator. Since childhood, Alexander Nikolaevich showed great interest and craving for all moving equipment – cars, bicycles, mopeds, etc. 

After graduating from the 8th grade, in 1974 he entered the Alma-Ata College of Light Industry and Consumer Services, received the specialty "Electric Technician". By distribution, he worked at the Alma-Ata Research Institute of Consumer Services, in the Department of Complex Household Equipment. When perestroika began in the country, difficulties with work began.

In 1988, on the advice of a friend who worked as a ZTK shift supervisor, he got a job as an electrician. And for 34 years he has been faithful to his profession here.

– I immediately liked the work, everything was interesting – a different direction, different requirements, – says Alexander Nikolayevich. – Before that, of course, I came across electricity, but not on such a huge scale. I had to work hard to study all the equipment that I had to service. The desire to learn everything as soon as possible – devices, the principle of operation, malfunctions, methods and ways to eliminate them, as well as the need to feel confident and a great sense of responsibility helped me master the intricacies of my craft. Special thanks for the support and help to experienced colleagues - my mentors: shift supervisor Vladimir Dubrovsky, ETC foreman –Alexander Prince, and electrician Sergey Shabalin. I think if a person decides to master a profession for himself, he will succeed, which happened to me. I am proud that with my colleagues ZTK I bring benefit to my country, this feeling instills joy and peace in me.





Colleagues warmly call Alexander Nikolaevich among themselves Uncle Sasha.



They say that during their work in a small but friendly team of the ZTK electrical workshop, they became very attached to Uncle Sasha, and with great reluctance we let him go on a well-deserved rest. He is a very kind, humble, intelligent and hardworking person. He knows his business inside and out, always ready to teach and help both at work and with advice on life. We learned a lot from our Uncle Sasha, with his work and attitude to work, he sets an example for all of us, workers in the electrical shop. We wish him long life and good health and are very glad that we had a chance to work with him.