Despite the difficult situation in the city and the region, JSC "AlES" continues the planned work on the modernization of energy sources, aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment.

On January 14, 2022, in the Almaty region, the village of Otegen Batyr, Public hearings were held via videoconferencing via the ZOOM platform, at which the issues of reconstruction of the Almaty CHP-3 were discussed with the residents of the city of Almaty and the Almaty region, in particular with the residents of the village.

Below is a summary of the main aspects related to the implementation of the project and the conversion of the station to gas:

– How much will emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere be reduced after CHPP-3 is converted to gas? At present, emissions from the chimneys of CHPP-3, according to the reported data, amount to 12 thousand tons/year, after modernization they will amount to 1.5 thousand tons/year. That is, emissions into the atmosphere of the Almaty region from CHPP-3 will be reduced by almost 90%.

– The main criteria for the CHPP-3 reconstruction strategy are: maintaining CHPP-3 as the main source of heat supply for the village; ensuring uninterrupted heat supply to consumers in the CHPP-3 zone; covering prospective thermal loads, using the existing technology of combined heat and power generation; use of the best available production technologies; reduction of emissions of harmful substances to the level of the EU.

At the same time, the existing infrastructure for water supply, heat and electricity supply will be used, which is a very important advantage of building a power plant on the existing site of CHPP-3.

– The power plant will be equipped with standard noise reduction devices. All units such as fans and compressors will be equipped with inlet silencers. Silencers are also provided on the chimneys. Noise reduction of high-speed rotating machines will be carried out by using conventional thermal insulation and cladding or special soundproof shells.

– An evaporative field with an impervious screen will be equipped at the site of the existing hydroash dump at CHPP-3 to divert industrial wastewater. The dump of dry storage after the implementation of the project, according to the main technical solutions of the feasibility study, is subject to reclamation. If there is a consumer, the ash can be used (and such proposals are already being made).

Public hearings are organized in accordance with the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Rules for holding public hearings and were chaired by a representative of the local executive body, the head of the department of housing and communal services, passenger transport, roads and housing inspection of the Akimat of the Ili district, with the participation of the customer of the feasibility study of the project (feasibility study) – JSC "AlES", the developer of the feasibility study – JSC "Institute "KazNIPIEnergoprom" and the authorized body in the field of environmental protection.