In difficult days for the southern capital, power engineers did not stop their work. The city of Almaty and the Almaty region were uninterruptedly provided with light, heat and hot water. All employees of JSC "Almaty Power Plants" understood that light and heat in every house depend on their work. 

– The Rapid Response Headquarters was created at AlES JSC for the period of the state of emergency. Round-the-clock duty of the management was organized, measures were taken to strengthen security, access control and service by security units, – said Yerlan Kirkinbaev, Chairman of the Board of AlES JSC. – Restricted access to the territory of the stations of unauthorized persons, seconded personnel of contractors. Continuous monitoring of video surveillance equipment is provided.

Today, the power plants of AlES JSC provide a total load of about 780 MW.

– CHPP-1, CHPP-2, CHPP-3 and ZTK produce 1090 Gcal/h. Three thermal stations produce 3,000 tons of hot water per hour. There are enough fuel reserves, – continued Gazi Izmukhambetov, Managing Director for Production – Chief Engineer of AlES JSC. 

The company's personnel were delivered to the stations according to the imposed curfew. The schedule has been changed. A special bus continued to operate for the workers of CHPP-3 and the Kapshagai HPP. But many workers struggled to get to work.

Early in the morning on January 5, one of the buses on duty at CHPP-2 was blocked on the street. Momyshuly. The extremists blocked the road with huge heavy trucks. Employees of CHPP-2, PRP "Energoremont", TsPVT were forced to return home. 

– It was very scary. Cars were destroyed in front of our eyes. People armed with iron sticks and clubs were very aggressive. But our employees did not succumb to provocations. Men help women. We were able to avoid a collision, – shared Natalia Sharina, a leading specialist in the personnel of the Center for High Temperatures. 

The staff of CHPP-1, CHPP-2, ZTK, Cascade HPP, PRP "Energoremont", TsPVT from the sixth to the eighth of January got to work on their personal transport, because. the duty bus could not get to the stations. Power engineers showed solidarity, called up, corrected their routes, united and got to work by personal transport.

The team of the company showed responsibility and mutual assistance. After all, it is not in vain that they say that special people really work in the energy sector.