On February 4, 2021, the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a working meeting with the public of Almaty on the norms of the Code.
According to the Minister of Ecology Magzum Mirzagaliyev, the issue of atmospheric air quality in the city is an urgent problem.


- The city of Almaty has been included in the list of the most polluted cities of the republic for several years. The pollution is caused by emissions from heat sources, such as CHPP-2 and 3, private residential buildings and traffic congestion on roads. To solve these problems, in August 2020, the Government approved a Roadmap for a comprehensive solution of the city's environmental problems, " the minister said.

The main directions of the new Ecocodex are the transition to the best available technologies, new approaches to environmental impact assessment, tougher liability for violations of environmental legislation, an automated system for monitoring emissions, and improving the management of production and consumption waste.

Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "AlES" Nurlan Mukhamed-Rakhimov made a speech at the meeting.


- JSC "Ales" is a power generation company, which includes three purposes, the Western thermal complex of the Kapchagai hydroelectric station name sh.Chokina and Cascade hydroelectric power station. The Company constantly takes measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment at the energy sources of JSC "AlES". So, in 2010-2020, the main environmental projects were implemented, in the amount of 28.6 billion tenge. We reconstructed the dust extraction plant, set isotopically burner, designed and built the ash dumps three CHPP, mounted dust control on the ash dumps of thermal power station, planted lawns and green spaces on-site ash ponds etc. One of the large-scale events was the transfer of CHPP-1 in 2017 to 100% natural gas combustion. The implementation of these measures allowed to reduce the emissions of harmful substances from the energy sources of JSC "AlES" from 68 thousand tons to 51 thousand tons, - said the head of the company. - It should be noted that the issue of transferring the CHPP-2 named after A. Zhakutov to gas is currently being worked out. October 20, 2020, the meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister of Kazakhstan decided to upgrade the Almaty CHP-2, approved the transfer of TPP-2 from coal to gas by means of reconstruction of existing power boilers. To date, the feasibility study is located in the RSE "Gosexpertiza" for conducting a comprehensive non-departmental examination.

- Reconstruction of CHPP-2 for natural gas combustion at existing boilers will reduce CHPP emissions by 83%, and such toxic substances as sulfur dioxide and ash dust will disappear altogether. I would like to note that similar solutions are needed for CHPP-3, located in the Almaty region, whose emissions affect the air basin of Almaty by 8%, " Magzum Mirzagaliyev stressed.


At the meeting, the Ministry of ecology, Geology and natural resources of Kazakhstan, akimat of Almaty, ALE "Association of environmental organizations of Kazakhstan", the "Air Vision", ekofond Tabigat, ALE "Kazakhstan Association of regional environmental initiatives "ECOJER" signed a Memorandum on establishing long-term partnership in the field of environmental protection. Within the framework of the memorandum, it is planned to ensure control over the effective implementation of the measures provided for in the Roadmap for the comprehensive solution of the city's environmental problems.


After the meeting, the participants were given a tour of the CHPP-2.