The famous Kazakh inventor Albert Bolotov died on January 24, 2021 at the age of 86 after a long illness. A major energy scientist not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad, the inventor and author of the Boltov wind turbine, the first creator of wind energy sources in Kazakhstan, has passed away.
Albert Vasilyevich Bolotov was born on September 15, 1934. Author of more than 400 scientific articles and 106 author's certificates for inventions.
He was an academician of the National Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan( NIA RK), a member of the Supreme Council under the Presidium of the NIA RK, the first rector of the Almaty Energy Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor. In the last years of his life, he worked as the head of the laboratory of Alternative Energy at the IVT of Kazatomprom JSC.
He was the creator of the development of wind energy sources in Kazakhstan and the inventor of the wind rotor turbine.

Powerful wind turbine has been installed at the road from the airport to Nur-Sultan

The author of a unique wind turbine, Albert Bolotov, was in love with the wind and knew how to use it for the benefit of humanity.

Wind turbine modules, from which wind power plants with a capacity of 1 to 5 kW are assembled

Albert Bolotov called the wind a great blessing bestowed on humanity.

"If the sun is light and warmth, then the wind is fresh air, a good influence on the living environment. The wind brings moisture where it is dry, and the wind takes rain where it is plentiful. In the balance of nature, the wind is a good phenomenon, since it simultaneously controls the strength of structures and brings balance, " the engineer and scientist noted.

The use of wind is the dominant idea in the energy industry, because it ensures equal access to energy resources for all, as access to oxygen − an essential component for biological life.


"To understand what this means, you need to feel that the wind comes by itself, does not ask for any resource to be delivered to the place of its use, is the harmless energy of the environment and determines the possibility of the existence of civilization beyond the limits that politicians now designate. Wind is the only energy resource that is free from political intrigue; no one can appropriate wind, raise the price of it, prohibit it in some country to sell at some other prices: it costs nothing. We need the universal will of humanity to achieve an energy-ecological balance on earth, " Albert Bolotov explained.

More than 50 Bolotov plants are already operating in Kazakhstan. They are located in different climatic zones of the republic and demonstrate all possible options for converting any wind load, any intensity of solar radiation into energy.

VTRB serve at the Zhalanashkol station, in the" neck "of the Dzungarian Gate, in Astana-at the "Forest Cordon". Many Bolotov turbines operate in Russia.

The staff of JSC "Almaty Electric Stations" is grieving over the death of Albert Bolotov. The bright memory of him will remain in our hearts.

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